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If you were a major fan of “Tekken: Dark Resurrection” game on PSP and you still are, then for sure, you’ll love Tekken 6 just as equally. Though the game has a certain familiar feel to it being that most of the characters featured in Dark Resurrection make a comeback here, Tekken 6 like its predecessor, still maintains the “oomph!” and punch that the series always has from the start.

The game offers a brand new mechanics for returning players to master but still retains its accessibility for newcomers. If you think Dark Resurrection’s roster of playable characters was positively crazy, Tekken 6 gets even crazier. With the addition of 6 new playable characters to the roster, Tekken 6 has a total of 41 characters to choose from; making it the most comprehensive roster in the entire history of the series to date. Some minor changes have been made to old characters’ moves and combos, even new moves have made its way to some character’s list, but only to a small extent so no need to worry about your favorite character being completely alien to you.

Even with brand new fighting mechanics to boot, newcomers and veterans alike don’t have a problem using the controls with the four buttons assigned to all four limbs and the control stick to aid in combos. Learning the moves is a piece of cake and you can see some flashy moves in combat sooner than you think. The game becomes more deeply spectacularly when you learn how to string together combos and moves to impact more damaging combos, leaving your opponent helpless. Important moves like wall juggles, throw counters and roll evasions add to the depth that the game already has. As an added bonus to the 10-hit combos that veteran players have grown accustomed to, the game introduces the Bound system, which allows you to extend combo damage by slamming an airborne opponent to the ground and leaving him/her defenseless to more attacks. Rage is another cool thing added to the game; when a player’s health hits 10 percent, the rage system activates, which is a power-up that gives you rage-fueled strikes. It can either give you a miraculous win if you still can pull it off in a split-second or it can be completely useless to you.

On a negative note, Tekken 6 has omitted the one relaxing part of the game - Bowling; where you can earn money just by having your favorite character play a game of Bowling. But not to worry, everything else is there, from the classic Arcade mode to Challenges like Gold Rush. Another sad thing about Tekken 6 is the removal of the game sharing feature that Dark Resurrection offered. The game is played with wireless ad hoc connection, which means that your friend must have a copy of the game in order for you to play in a battle together. But I rarely consider this as a misfortune, given that Tekken 6 has a big roster of characters to choose from, you can still do a bunch of things and never get tired of playing it whether you’re a newcomer itching to get his fists bloody or a returning player exploring his undying love of the game.