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From the title itself, The Sly Trilogy, it’s quite obvious that all Sly games are put together to bring you to the HD era. The cartoon graphics that the Sly series have been known for looks much better on HD and fortunately doesn’t look crappy and cheap when played on the more advanced gadgets either. You could say that a lot of effort has been invested by Sanzaru Games in developing the makeover; suffice it to say that the original developer Sucker Punch must be quite happy with how the game has become such a delight.

The Sly series is an excellent blend of a platformer, stealth and action game rolled into one. The star of the game is a raccoon named Sly who is a member of the Cooper family the newest in a long string of thieves. He’s just as pleasant as the other characters in the game that include Bentley, the very intellectual turtle with glasses that are a dead giveaway; and Murray, a hazy, large pink hippo who’s quite adept at using his hands. The voice acting definitely contributes to the endearing qualities of the characters as well as to the sense of humor illustrated in the game.

The original game in the series, Sly Raccoon is quite the most distinct among the three games, though it features most of the basic elements that are present in all three; the difference is actually more on structure. As a whole, it’s basically a standard platformer, where you need to jump through various obstacles and dodge laser beams, evade searchlights and the likes. You also get to use Sly’s cane to get into hooks and let you wing across large gaps. In addition to its wonderful designs, the game levels are really responsive and provide the whole game with a personality of its own. It’s absolutely one of the best that the genre has to offer in the gaming world.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves, is kind of a complete variation in some aspects. There’s quite an emphasis on stealth as opposed to the bouncing feature present in the first Sly. There are other tasks that you need to complete as well; which include stealing keys from the guards’ pockets and hand-gliding through the air. The second Sly has more variety than that of Sly 1. If you consider the gameplay, Sly’s friends are quite prominent in Sly 2 and this largely contributes to making the game a lot more fun.

Unfortunately, Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, doesn’t have that much distinction from Sly 2, which isn’t surprising at all. However, the variety and inventiveness come in the form of the missions and some new characters hold the game together and manage to make the sequel still interesting to some degree. There are also challenges that may present some break in the monotony, though totally optional; but if you want to enjoy the game fully, you might as well try them.

All three games of The Sly Trilogy combined into one title makes up for an awesome experience. Great personality abounds in the games and can provide gamers a terrific time playing them. Developer Sanzaru Games absolutely made a hugely successful move in handling the classic game.