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Assassins Creed 2 is a sequel that’s a lot better than its predecessor in many ways. Put about 2 years of intensive development and you get a game that is this good. It is most likely one of the best follow-ups to date. What’s good about this game is that they tried to tweak almost all the flaws of the previous one; and surprisingly, they succeeded.

You could control the main character from the moment he was born. You can track how his character builds up making you understand the character better. The creative team should be given special credit for this. You don’t get to use weapons for about a couple of minutes or so but that isn’t a total bust. The story is so good that you don’t even notice you haven’t even battled yet.

As the story builds up, so does your skill and the number of weapons you can use. There are similar games out there that have the same flow but what sets this game apart from the rest is that each one is carefully crafted and nothing feels rushed.
Ezio, the main character, and all the things you can make him do, are the portions where the game truly shines. In addition, he can now do more things both in the offense and defense. Obviously, it takes some practice but once you get the hang of things, it takes you to a whole new level. You pick up a close encounter of how it is to be an assassin. From the preparation and strategy to the actual assassination itself, everything is placed in your hands. When you’ve fully discovered what Ezio can do, won’t be much of a problem to you.

The game is well known for its killing theme and this sequel has accomplished that, so you definitely won’t get disappointed. It offers players a wide variety of ways to kill an enemy. Whether you want it at close range, from a distance, or a good hand to hand combat; everything’s possible in this game. Some attacks are so gory; the game shouldn’t be played by young kids. It’s not just your usual sword fights and throwing of grenade sort of fights. You can stick a spear onto your opponent and drag him around; eventually killing him. This is just an example but things become quite brutal in most cases. Then again, you are playing as an assassin so that is what you should expect.

The graphics however isn’t quite at par with most of its competitors. The quality of the visuals is good but could have been better and adjustments could have been done with a thing or two. But what they lack in graphics, they try to compensate in sound quality. The soundtrack gives you a fairly good feel of the setting. The rustling of the leaves, the sound of hitting swords, or the sound of a knife getting buried in the opponent’s body; all vividly captured and delivered brilliantly, making it sound so real.

Sequels are a disappointment most of the time and often just ruin the whole franchise. Luckily, Assassins Creed 2 didn’t fall under that category and took a better route instead. If you didn’t like the first one maybe this would turn things around and make you fall in love with the game.