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The video game is tasteless. With a combination of below average mechanics, the game is a failure in its entirety. The attempt to follow the footsteps of Tony Hawk games, Shaun White gave a lackluster performance that does not deserve any praise and recognition at all.

Being a skater myself I get excited when another video game that deals with skateboarding quite fascinating but with Shaun White Skateboarding, I actually feel like quitting the sport. The game is so poorly done that you kind of expect it to just ruin the essence of the skating; the game practically stinks! The lack of gameplay and entertainment are the main loopholes in this game. And without a trick system to speak of, it is definitely doomed. The controls were made to help the player establish more balance to avoid falling, but the weird thing is it resulted to the entertainment factor being gone.

Speaking of gameplay, the issue is mostly the game mechanics; this game has no mechanics at all. It totally lacks the ingredient to satisfy the gamers’ craving for challenge and thrill. How in the world would you be satisfied by merely riding the board and jumping off trails, then wait for the next level of tasks to be performed. The game eventually makes you bored as it contains nothing but one character and his board and a lackluster environment for skating.

In the second stage where you are supposed to perform a wall ride, you have to do task twenty times; going through a series of the same trick done over and over on locations that absolutely looks the same, before you can progress to the next level. It’s ridiculous!

Another bone of contention is the broken tutorial part that doesn’t really teach anything. Most times, this joke of a tutorial presents moves that are either inaccurate or plain dumb. You don’t even feel like listening or watching at all as the visuals are downright ugly and have that washed-out appearance that you sometimes get from PS2-quality visuals. This coupled with some of the worst voice acting I have encountered and a lame story can truly frustrate and annoy anyone.

The game concept may be there, but it was already a failure even before the game took off. Skateboarding video games have come a long way; I never would have expected that this kind of product can still penetrate the market. I seriously doubt it’ll ever flourish.