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Farm Frenzy comes back to hit the PC and it brings with it a whole lot of excitement. I loved the first 2 games too! The game uses numbers to indicate each level, no more funny names like “Powder Street 1.” As usual, the game is linear although there are times when you can skip at least two levels. For example, finishing Level 10 will give you the option to play Level 63 or Level 11, though levels such as this are very rare. Linear games may sound boring for some but this is specifically intended to prepare players for the ever increasing difficulty of every level.

The player needs to accomplish four goals in each level. Once completed, a star will be awarded. Bonuses are also given if the player finishes within the best time given. The given time vary depending on each level, some levels are disappointing because even just a second behind the time will cause you not to be awarded with the bonus. These stars are very useful in upgrading the farm. Farm upgrades can range from improving existing farm houses to creating new buildings. Added to the level bonus, the player can also get trophies if he successfully achieves certain goals.

Farm Frenzy 3 uses the usual gameplay of its previous franchise. The player needs to use the allotted money at the beginning of the level to achieve the goal. He can use it to buy new animals such as penguins to achieve the goal faster. The player can also sell products in case he needs money or runs out of space. The idea is to complete all the objectives in the best time possible.

Unlike the previous installments, the graphics appear in 3D style with shadows and depth thus far more realistic. This, however, causes flaws to the engine. In some PCs animations will appear sluggishly slow especially, something apparent with older PCs (or my fathers…lol). This is usually uncommon with current PCs which suit the requirements of the game engine. In a good console the game will look pretty much an advanced version of Farm Frenzy.

This casual game is perfect for those who love goal-based gameplay. Of course, this installment is very welcome for the numerous fanatics of Farm Frenzy. Each level will take around ten to ninety minutes to be completed. And in this time the game will take players into a new kind of gaming experience. Usually the game costs around $9.95, a price that rightly fits the fun it holds. Although some may find the linear gameplay boring and usual, there are a lot to find in this novel game. I would give this game an 8/10.