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The Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is a hi-tech type of adventure game. Just like any other Prince of Persia edition, this game is focused on the plot of solving a mystery or achieving a specific goal for the prince. You will be required to solve puzzles, take skill games and other challenges that will help you finish the level. As you take on each level, there will be traps, tricks and villains thrown out to you to challenge you and make you fail your mission. But of course, your main objective in this game is to finish all levels and grab your goal.

There will also be levels that will give you points or weapons that you can use in future levels of the game to make your play easier. This game will require quick thinking and strategy as you tackle different types of challenges. There will be a lot of action, combats and battles that you must go through before you can level up. So these levels make your play even more exciting and challenging.

For the game presentation, The Forgotten Sands has rich graphics making each character and figure seem realistic. Their action and movements are also good. It has good audio sounds and rich plot. I got lost in the games storyline a couple times. Its controls are easy to understand and learn. This game is aimed to entertain players and make them want to keep playing more. In other words, the challenges it gives are addictive.

Overall, the Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is a game of skills and strategy. You will be successful in finishing the game if you are quick to think of ways to finish a challenge. It is almost a complete game that will make use of your thinking and skills at the same time. This game will definitely make a player enjoy their time playing and make them come back for another adventure. I love Prince of Persia and have to get back to playing it!!!