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In true Bond movie style, this game has a plot centered on the threat of a biochemical terror attack; and as expected weapons and girls are also present in abundance. The plot of the game is very good, realistic and exciting. The transitions from one scene to another are also very smooth. Car chases, fight scenes and gun firing are all here in this game. It is truly like watching the real movie with the big difference that you are playing the role of James Bond.

In this game, you can easily determine the status of your enemies, you will know where they are and if they are getting near you. You can use weapons like pistols, machine guns, shotguns and rifles (the shotgun is favorite). This game can be played either single or multiplayer. There are several level modes that you can choose from to make the game even more exciting. Also, you can unlock all kinds of different tidbits which add to the replay value.

Regarding the game features, the graphics are good and all of the characters, scenes, figures and everything you see on your screen are properly developed. You will surely be amazed at how they made everything seem realistic. The audio is just about adequate; not good and not bad. All in all, the James Bond 007: Blood Stone game is something that fans can really look forward to playing. It is like creating the whole story of a James Bond movie. It is fun, exciting and will make you want to play over and over again. The challenges will get you going until you finally finish the story.

If you are a die-hard fan of James Bond, then this game is intended for you to try and feel the role of this famous character. This is probably one of my favorite games available on the PC and I would encourage everyone to buy it. Please do note that you will need a good graphics card to play the game though. 9/10 stars!