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If a guy bumps into you and asks a random question of which fighting game is really worth buying, the answer should be Super Street Fighter IV on XBOX 360. True to its roots and in the usual Capcom fashion, the company has made improvements to Street Fighter IV, a pioneering video game that has already carved its niche as one of the most popular, ever since one can remember. A great number of fantastic features and amazing characters have been added or enhanced to make it truly super. The game is now equipped with a bigger online suite and several other enhancements that definitely make Super Street Fighter IV an outstanding version, enough to say that this is one of the top fighting games around.

Street Fighter IV already has familiar gameplay mechanics, so the question of picking this game over other games boils down to the new content featured in the game. You will notice that there aren’t major changes to the basic fighting system of the game. The Super Combo Gauge that gives you EX moves and supers still remains. There is also the Revenge Gauge that lets you kill enemies with Ultras, which in this version has now two per character. These enhanced features found in the new expansion will truly make you want to go back and try out the original 25-character cast of Street Fighter IV, because the “new” Abel now possesses a delayable grapple Ultra; and Guille can set out a gigantic Sonic Hurricane.

The charm of the game rests on the game’s masterful mix of accessibility with complexity. Anybody could just pick up a controller and key in the charge moves and quarter/half/full circle motions to have special moves. The Focus Attack system which was brought in during Street Fighter IV is still present, and this can be attained while pressing down two buttons. Due to the fact that this game is more of an expansion rather than a really new release, there are only few surprises, but the game can still claim to be the best fighting gameplay around in the video gaming world.

The moment you get comfortable with the fundamentals of the game and you can already cast in special moves, you can then switch your attention to putting them together to achieve combos and dig into EX focus channels. Every character’s moves can be attained with similar inputs; it will then let you focus on how to properly use them in a fight, with less frustration and without sacrificing depth. Preparedness is also an important thing; you need to be familiar with every character’s techniques so you don’t have to struggle when using a particular character. Super Street Fighter IV surely needs some familiarization because the game offers 10 new characters in addition to the original 25 of Street Fighter IV. Now, that’s a lot of characters to choose from.

Although this version doesn’t have the same ground-breaking effect on the genre as its predecessor; Super Street Fighter IV still remains to be highly recommended for fans of fighting games out there. It is absolutely a fabulous game packed with a lot of additional features, with a selection of 35 awesome characters to choose from. The online suite of the game is even more developed than its predecessor. The gameplay has very cool and fast mechanics that are easy to dig into; but also challenging enough that you have to indeed delve deeper into discovering new ways to explore successive combos and develop your skills. Whether you’ve already been a long-time fan of the franchise or you have just started getting crazy over it, Super Street Fighter IV is totally a magnificent choice.