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Aliens vs. Predator has always been a fan favorite. The idea of it coming back is already enough to make headlines. The older ones who were really part of the whole AvP era couldn’t wait for its release. The younger generation is just as excited but not for the same reasons as the older ones. The mere thought of aliens, predators, and humans clashing is already adequate reason to make them sit at the edge of their seats.

The whole idea of a great game coming into existence is buried deep in the game. You can play three different campaigns each offering a different point of view. Players are given the opportunity to take the role of the aliens, the predators, or the marines. Put these three in one game and you expect to have a great game, right? Unfortunately, each game comes out mediocre and even if you put all of three together, it still doesn’t make up for all the good stuff that it lacks. What’s really sad is that you have high hopes for this game because the PC game was good and this version just disappoints you further in almost every aspect of the game.

To make it worse, the controls are hard to manage. You could have played each different campaign in different strategies but because of control constraints, you can’t really do much.

Although fans of the movie get to relive the thrill all throughout the game; it falls short of the expected way you want it to play out. The visuals are not as good as those in other consoles, for one. Luckily, what it lacks in great visuals, it makes up for in sound. The music is so spot-on that it’s like you are actually watching the movie all over again. The minutest sound is replicated to really sound like the real-thing counterpart. The beeping of the tracking device, for example, is probably the best reproduction to date. The voice acting is equally of high quality. You hear dialogues that are taken from the movie itself and acted out even better than the ones in the movie.

The whole feel of the game is a little old school though. From the character development, to the machines and onto the battle fights, we’ve seen them all before. The aliens and the predators don’t move and fight as good as the ones in the movie. Things even look a bit clumsy at some points. It’s a good thing the concept is great since it saves the game from downright disaster.

Sadly the game doesn’t live up well to the expectations, compared to the movie series; and even the previous game. It actually makes you rethink about playing this version and maybe just opt for the older one. The controls are at least easier and the game is a bit more polished in the earlier version. You have high hopes for this game and you don’t want to give up on it; but it just seems the creators are not trying hard enough.

Aliens vs. Predator has the making of a truly great game. All the possible ingredients are there; but the poor design and the general lack of quality within the game stops it from being a classic. Sure, it’s by no means the worst game; it’s not even a bad one in the strictest sense. But when you start comparing it with other first person shooter games on the market, the difference becomes blatantly obvious.