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With the new Dynamic DNA feature of the game, this makes it a game worth playing, however it cannot quite compete to be the champion among games of the sort.

So what makes it different? If you are a hardcore fan of basketball, the awesome Dynamic DNA will interest you as it makes the game much more realistic, just like how you watched the real game last season. How real? Expect to encounter the injuries, the trades, and every single event that happened on last year’s game – in your own living room, or wherever else you want to play. Feel that last 20 seconds of the game, you as Kobe Bryant, facing Vince Carter, passing the ball onto Pau Gasol in a split second, and feeling the thrill upon hearing the buzzer after he was able to dunk the ball.

But don’t think of it as just a replay, as you can control how the game ends, with your strategies and wit, thus making your game fun.

If you have been playing previous versions of NBA Live, you’ll feel that this game is even more strategic than it has been. With just a push of a button, you can be able to see what your opponent has been doing. And with another button, the optimal play, you can execute your strategy. With another button, you can order teammates what to do, make them roll or step back. Just as simple as that – with of course the realistic feel.

But if you’d ask me, I don’t like how some co-players seem to have no interest at all and how they are actually dumb, lazy, and even just do nothing on the paint especially when you don’t control them manually. They just stand there. The crowd cheers you up however if you would like to hear comments coming from Marv Albert and Steve Kerr, be prepared to receive repetitive and ordinary comments. Expect also to see a number of glitches on the basketball physics. First, it doesn’t act like the real one, and it is difficult to control right through it, even passing it clean onto your defender, and as much as the ball goes off of the players’ hands, expect them to look more disinterested – which is not really the real scenario on the game.

Creating Online Leagues with up to 30 members is also a feature of this game where they can compete to start their own franchise. And if you’re disappointed in last year’s edition’s Be a Pro mode, this year’s Adidas Live is fun to play as you can feel like playing in real life without fouls. Though it’s fun, the downside is that there isn’t much of a reward or incentive on this edition.

The presentation is exciting because the crowd cheers appropriately, as well as the bench players, though this part is not quite realistic. Movements appear realistic, with even expressions showing disgust or disagreement. There are some minor awkward glitches in movements though, but generally smooth and worthwhile.

NBA Live 10 isn’t much of a breakthrough in digital basketball, but overall, it is engaging, strategic, fun to play, and very realistic – with the feel of playing in the last year’s season. Still a nice game to play!