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There might not be any real substitute to the actual football game but what 2010 FIFA World Cup offers is the closest thing out there. The developers do their best to make them as authentic as the real thing with the help of great technology. You might not actually be part of the World Cup in the real world; but you get to play it in the game world.

This game allows you to actually experience all the different thrills, if you were right there watching the World Cup being played. The game captures almost each aspect of the real-time setting and puts it in the game. When players start coming out from their respective corners, you see confetti here and there and even some fireworks from the back. The whole stadium is also filled with a lot of advertisements, and dancers getting everyone fired up, with the audience just as lively as the ones we see on TV when the World Cup is on. It gets you smiling even before the actual game kicks off.

But with all of these things going on, often times exaggerated, you get the feeling that the game in itself is over the top. Luckily, you don't see anybody in the audience getting suffocated with all the confetti, no stadium is burned because of excessive fireworks, and no dancers become exhausted since you can control these too. Apart from the typical control you have over players, being able to lay it on thick is a great addition.

The graphics has also improved really well. There's plenty added from the previous installment. You get a better lighting system; the pitches look more real this time and the players move a bit more fluid. The players appear more life-like, especially those who are really famous. They really captured the realness to the game this time. That's not to say they didn't in the previous ones; it's to point out how much things are even better. It's interesting to find out what they have in store for the gamers in upcoming releases.

The gameplay is likewise enhanced, making players a lot more responsive to the controls. They also move faster and the opponents are a lot smarter. They don't rush things and you get the feeling they are really studying your moves and try to beat you in almost every way possible. Stamina and performance are now vital in playing the game. So learn not to tire your character or he'll get exhausted and you'll eventually lose.

The game's appeal to the audience even has that addictive factor that keeps you hooked on playing the game. It is neither because of the different game modes available nor the improved graphics; it is a lot more special than that. It captures the whole experience of the World Cup so well and the improvements are so exquisitely done that even if you already have FIFA 10 you'd still be raring to go and buy this game.