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Fallout New Vegas is the follow up to the extremely popular game, Fallout 3. Fallout 3 received a lot of compliments and rightfully so; the follow up, New Vegas, is a good game and was hyped up massively before its release, however a hint to seeing if a game (or anything really) is good, see if the hype is still there after. While for New Vegas it did have a lot of pre hype the hype after it was realized quickly fizzled down. Don't, however, think this means it is a bad game. The game is good, but not very different from Fallout 3.

Story-- 8.5/10
The story is interesting, with the feel of a classic story set in an irregular and uncomfortable setting. The story is; your character a courier was left for dead. You were shot in the head and left in a ditch, you happened to survive after you were found by a robot. You are now out to find who killed you, why and to get either revenge, your life back, money or power (Or all five). This leads you on a self driven ride filled with fights, interesting characters, side choosing and interesting conversations. The story is laid out well, with obvious choices that will make you a "Goody" or a "Baddie". The story is good however if you're a fan you will do the obvious thing (like me) and compare it to Fallout 3, which you will discover is much better. To people who are new to the game series I would say to buy Fallout 3.

Game Play -- 9/10
The game play is still the same layout with the full movement in either third or first person, with plenty of climbable areas that create new approaches and great cover. The conversations were always a huge part of the game series and still feel the same but with more in-depth options, actions, conversation options and characters. However don't let the fact that it has a more in-depth conversation game play make you think that you can convince all enemies to become friends, and that you can convince people to give you stuff for free. Or that every person you meet can be convinced to join you, this is all wrong. I mean you have more options which can mean the person hates you, likes you or will just decide to ignore you in every way. All of this is valuable throughout the game however.

Graphics/Sound -- 7/10
To be honest a 7 is pushing it, its not a realistic environment. Some edges look jagged, flat and overall rushed. However the amount of the game that is there shows a huge amount of effort. The details on the character are good enough and show what type of person the character is, the voice work (sync and suitability to the character) is very good and works well. Its not Mass Effect level but still very good.

Fallout creates a huge world full of unnecessary people, weapons, side-missions, places and events that make you believe you are a real world. The side missions are fun to distract your self with as you level up, the hidden buildings and people are interesting and can lead to some fun scenarios. Of course the weapons...well they're just overly fun.

Overall the game is fun, but its on par with Fallout 3, still a fun game but you have to find something to will your self going to really get into it, the multiple ways to play through situations really show that this is a game that is designed to play over and over again.