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As with most classic ninja or samurai movies, the plot of Mini Ninjas is very simple. The greatest students of a Ninja Master are sent down Ninja Mountain to investigate a disturbance in the balance of nature. After many of them do not come back, the Ninja Master has no other choice but to send his last remaining students, Futo and Hiro. The Ninja Master hopes that they will finally be able to figure out what has been the cause of all the turmoil in the mountain as well as rescue all the students that have gone down the mountain before them.

What has really happened, and is the cause of the horrible chaos in the mountain, is that the Evil Samurai Warlord is back and has started to use his dark magic to influence the mountain's inhabitants to turn on the good ninjas and wreak havoc on the entire area. The only hope for the mountain and for the survival of the samurai is for Hiro to stop the Evil Samurai Warlord before it is too late.

While keeping all of the great ninja qualities we all know and love, the game doesn't keep the violence often associated with ninja and samurai culture. This aspect of the game makes the game quite suitable for young children while at the same time keeping the fun factor.

Mini Ninjas is played in the third person and the main character Hiro can be teamed up with other ninjas that are rescued on the journey down the mountain. As more ninja friends are rescued, they can be switched out of Hiro's party whenever you want to use them. This can be useful since each ninja possesses different kinds of attacks and combo abilities that can be helpful in different types of situations. All of the ninjas can also do classic ninja moves like move silently, sprint, and use purchased or collected items.

The combat system in Mini Ninjas is a bit weak, but it can still be fun. The most argued point is that it is not very challenging but there are also different types of battles and attacks later on in the game that can switch things up quite a bit. Stick with it and it can be worth your while. Besides that, the graphics and music are really quite aesthetically pleasing. Not only is the game in itself satisfying, but the game is incredibly well made.