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I may not be a basketball fanatic but I did watch every time Michael Jordan came out to play, back in the day. Heck I even watched that stupid movie he made and it made my day. Unfortunately, when Air Jordan went into retirement, I too retired from basketball.

The NBA 2K11 is a basketball game which features Michael Jordan. So forgive me if I am going to sound like a fanatic on this one. Frankly, it is the only basketball game I like to play, simply because my idol is here. Doesn't mean this is the only reason you will like it though.

At first glance of the graphics, I was a goner. I love the graphics, it is so real and I see Michael Jordan at his peak and this game will forever immortalize that god of the game. Then the game gets the player over to the Chicago Stadium for Game 1 of the NBA Championship in 1991. Michael turns to the camera and asks the player, “Are you ready?” and then runs on to the court and the magic begins. Another bonus, at least for me, my other idol is there too, Magic Johnson. Okay, so they are opposing teams, so what, but both were on the Dream Team and I don’t care. The presence of the two champs of my life already antes the quality and excitement of this game for me, so I beg for forgiveness.

In the script, Michael challenges Magic and seeing it on action all over again is gripping. Can I do what they did in the championships? Can I even equal their scores? That is the challenge I am willing to go through just to play with these two greats.

The details of the game are simply delightful for fans of the NBA like myself. Those were the days that could never be recaptured even with the current greats playing today. Somehow the players in the past held a different magic (pardon the pun).
The uniqueness of the NBA had been captured accurately in the game design and is sometimes so real that scenes where Kobe Bryant slams down but lands off balance, the character had to extend his arms to regain the balance lost. Then there is Greg Oden who shuffles down the court in that unique old man gait of his, its too real for comfort watching scenes like these.

Okay, so there are some inaccuracies, but I don’t care to mention them they are too trivial anyway. Also, I must mention that there is a need to improve on the game play, make it more refined. But so what, it’s not perfect, the designers and developers were fantastic in their planning and translation of the game and I am well satisfied.

I really like playing the Jordan mini games though. For instance, scoring 55 points on the Knicks, that ain't easy! Honestly, some basketball games I have seen in the past have a stupid halftime where it just seems the computer is spitting shit out, but they really do a good job in summarizing what has happen in the game already. That and they show the star player of the game which is pretty neat too. The AI is hard as hell to, they intercept balls, clog passing lanes, and you better have a good D or your team is going to get posted up on left and right! That and the players have over 100 animations which don't look like the same move after move which is really entertaining to watch.

In conclusion, you guessed it correctly, this is a game that I love and could only give a 10/10 rating. I am generally not a basketball fan but for this game and that is simply because both my favorites are in it. For the graphics and the sound, I have no complaints. Honestly, I just will say, no complaints and the glitches are just hiccups, I can get over them. Simply said, I love this game!