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One of the most popular games on any form or size of console is the racing game. It could be any type of vehicle; hey it could even be an animated one, as long as the racing is there, the joy of playing the game is there. And this is where I have to talk about OutRun 2006 – a PSP version of the popular arcade game of car racing.

What makes this game thrilling for the fans is that if they wish to simply hold on to that accelerator button they can and they can just zoom through the race track. It has the same addictive qualities of the original arcade game and the PSP version can bring it to another level which failed miserably in those which could be downloaded into an Android mobile phone.

The racer, meaning you, has to control the acceleration and the breaks and steer clear of any obstacles that may go your way. There is the manual transmission mode and the automatic transmission mode. And just like the original arcade version, it is just as forgiving so off the track or on it, the game just goes on and on.

There is one which I really like; they call the mode the ‘heart attack’ mode where a girl is sitting on the passenger side of the car and calls out multiple challenges for you to perform ranging from the simplest to the most punishing. You have to make sure you do what she says or you crash.

Then there is the Coast to Coast mode where a flag man issues you a challenge and you need to complete the different assignments against cars controlled by the computer. Here you can do the drift and the slipstream challenges.

For those lovers out there, there is also the girl friend mode. If you are a playboy at heart, this is the one for you because for every challenge you complete you get a new girlfriend. It is quite similar to the heart attack but without the Dominatrix twist, if you know what I mean.

Now, is this game addictive or not? Just like any car racing game, the OutRun 2006 is addicting to the max. For such a small screen game, the fun and experience is just as exciting and just as punishing. And yes, it is just as exhausting.

For those who look for the multiplayer and online options, be glad that there is that this game comes with those options. Although it should be noted that the online community may be difficult to look for but when you do, then yes, you could play online with other players. So that is a big plus.

If you are a fan of the classic arcade racing game but like to play with the PSP, then the OutRun 2006 is your sort of game. With its fast and furious pacing, excellent graphics and different challenges to play through, this one can take a lot of playing hours without disappointing the player.