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Sure, we’ve played Batman games before, maybe it’s an old theme, but it is still a great one. Lego Batman: The Video game is similar to the Lego Star Wars and Indiana Jones games and if you are not adverse to the gothic world of Batman then you are going to definitely enjoy this one.

The game follows close to the heels of the previous two Lego games developed by the Travellers Tales team. There are some improvements which can make this game even better than the earlier versions. But unlike the Indiana Jones and Star Wars Lego games which were very faithful to the movies, here the developers were given a freer hand at the game play design. The developers created different story lines for this one so while it is a game with Batman in it, the rest of it is totally unique.

The mechanics of the game is the same though, the gamer gets to go around the different levels and worlds destroying the Lego foes and they get to build their own Lego structures which they can use to get into different areas in the many levels. Again, the characters will have their own personalities, skills and gifts which can get them through the levels without difficulties.

Now here’s the twist. If you are used to playing Batman games as either Batman or Robin, this one gives the player the chance to play the game from the point of view of the enemy characters (how cool is that!). And it is done so well that many of the levels each have their own bad guys so your character shifting prowess would be put to the test here.

The most obvious difference of this game from the others is the way the story is told. Here, the Lego Batman can change the way things are by distinguishing the various chapters through panels that are closely drawn as comic books. Now as the Lego characters generally do not talk, you do not have to interpret what each of those comic panels mean.

The Lego Batman is one product of Nintendo DS which give the gamer a lot of game play in the many levels that can and cannot be unlocked. The gamer can play the game for endless hours trying to unlock all the levels. A friend can help out by working in tandem with another DS system using their own copy to speed up the process of finding out just how to unlock those un-lockable levels. It may not take hours; the discovery can literally take days. So is that challenging enough?

In short, the Lego Batman is a game that is unexpectedly fun to play and provides all the challenges that I crave for. Sure, it is a different experience playing the bad guy but I really found it different and interesting in the end. All I can say is, this is a different game, it offers a different experience and to call it the same of the old would be an insult to the designing team that made this a success. I like it better than the other Lego game, and would give it 8.5 points out 10.