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In this ridiculously, deliciously, exceedingly, over the top experience, complete with a wonderfully foul mouthed cast of characters, with incredibly varied and imaginative methods of wasting enemies, you take on the role of Grayson "Gray" Hunt, or should that be Grunt, a space pirate, out for revenge on his ex commander, General Serano, who double-crossed him. After a battle between their ships they both crashland on planet Stygia, home to some very nasty wildlife. Stygia is also the home of some warring humanoids which makes Gray's escape from the planet somewhat difficult. A half-cyborg named Ishi and the weapon wielding Trishka go along with Gray to assist him.

Gray gets hold of Bulletstorm's newest wonder tool: the energy leash which allows Gray to pull his opponents towards him through the air while at the same time giving a sort of slow motion effect, so allowing Gray lots of time to prepare for one of Bulletstorm's varied "skillshots." To pull off a skillshot a player is required to discover creative ways to destroy his enemies. Such innovative methods may be shooting them below the belt, impaling them on a spikey fence, feeding them to a carnivorous plant... and many more fun methods. This list of skillshot methods can be accessed at any time to see which ones have yet to be accomplished. Each level and each weapon has its own list of such skillshots..

Skillshots gain the player points which can be used to upgrade weapons and buy more ammunition. Using other methods of removing enemies are not really a rewarding option. And anyway, these skillshots are great fun to carry out.

In addition to utilising the skillshot system to take out the less formidable opponents, players meet some very entertaining boss charaters in the run of the game. You will also encounter other gigantic mechanical and animalistic foes. The scale of these battles is impressive and adds variety to the other, more skillshot dependant, gameplay.

There are also interesting actions in multiplayer. Teaming up with other players to fight hordes of enemies in the Anarchy mode, with the dedicated purpose of accumulating points by performing skillshots with other players. Gameplay is split up in segments with each segment presenting more powerful enemies and a higher points goal. The other multiplayer is Echoes, where players take on each other to gain the highest skillshot rating and fastest time in parts taken from the single player campaign.

Now for the good or bad points, depending on personal choice. Bulletstorm may have the most vile, foul mouthed, cliched juvenile one line dialogue to be heard in a video game. From a purely personal perspective the dialogue is one of my favorite aspects of Bulletstorm. A nice change from listening to a bunch of muscle bound space marines cursing to script because that's what they're supposed to do. Bulletstorm is very serious at not taking itself seriously, and in this way shows that the designers were quite aware of what they were doing.

The story is not as good as the dialogue. It seems like just a convenient excuse to go from A to B across the planet. However, this journey itself is quite a lot, in fact a great deal, of fun. The ending, like the story is also rather weak.

One trivial point. Although the enemy AI is consistently good, Gray's buddies do get in the way a bit, often blocking a passage or blocking your gunfire and so on.

Look a bit farther than the weak story and smutty, meaningless, but funny dialogue and this is quite a good experience in the short term. It does however, lose its "charm" after prolonged playing, but it is still well worth buying.