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Honestly, I wonder how people ever got to buy this game; and no, I am not being overly judgmental. I am basing my opinion on the way I see it, and on its own merits it is not totally bad; for instance I love how it installs so fast. And as for the plot, I love building and constructing things, and rockets fascinate me. So what is it that makes it such a failure?

Sim games must never get boring, you should always feel the urgency of the time passing, and it must entertain you to succeed. Maybe that’s what Crane Simulator 2009 fails to do – entertain you. Yes, what you will do is entertaining in itself, but hey, I think spending lots of time completing a single task which is very simple is too much to ask. Everything is just so slow, and the tasks are just so repetitive. You will probably yawn while waiting for to finish up the floors or walls. And ironically, you will be given another break after you complete the task. Too many dull moments, I guess?

Okay, maybe there’s some way we can speed things up. No there isn’t. Everything you do must be checked on its precision, even picking up a single item. And even if you get more points for each task, it’s still pretty frustrating not being able to finish it sooner than you would want. When you give up on your patience and fail to do a task precisely, you have to fix it all over again. And guess what, there’s this foreman I want to call Mr. Perfectionist who will show a displeased expression on his face when you do not fix the task correctly.

Alright, the game wants you to learn to finish things in an orderly manner, but I guess no matter how orderly you might be, if you get bored everything just gets messed up. The graphics will not even entertain you, the menus are pretty stylish, but unfortunately the font size is pretty tiny. Yes, a waste of time again to get close to the screen to read everything. And unlike most simulation games, it lacks music. I believe this is an essential part of a sim game, as this gets a player in the mood of the game he/she is playing, and without it, of course, the game can be less fun.

Crane Simulator 2009 is simply far from reality. Constructions are never made at this pace, if they were even the smallest buildings and infrastructures would take years to build. Also if this was the case, I guess I would never apply to be a workman in this very boring profession. It is a game which measures more of your patience than your skill.

I was looking for some action - some lively entertainment that would keep me hooked while playing the game. It is not the worst, but definitely not on my list of the games I will go back to when I get bored of others.