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As a mercenary in the vast African lands you are sent to this place to take down “The Jackal,” a notorious arms dealer who proves hard to find. With this in mind, you need to trace back the lines to the source of weapons by working for various factions. Although you will work for the 2 biggest factions in the game being the militaristic UFLL and the revolutionary APR, you will want to work for other underground groups as they have the only means to minimize the symptoms of malaria – an illness that your character has at the start of the game.

The missions in the game give you endless ways in which you can solve them. You also get the chance to team up with 12 other people (9 of which are silent allies) who can help you through your tasks in the game. There is also a unique way of keeping your allies; for instance, instead of just shooting down the target, you can take any potential assets from the target first and then proceed with whatever you think is suitable. This will give you more reputation points and will make your companions stick with you longer. Furthermore, the events in the game unfold in a quick and dirty way that does not give you the feeling of being involved, like it’s all in a day’s work and nothing more. This gives you that atmosphere near Grand Theft Auto and somewhat Blood Diamond that takes the best of both worlds and places it in one package.

Although the single player mode can eat up 30 hours of your time without you even noticing it, there are plenty of things that you should focus on rather than the cons. For instance, the choices of where to go and how to do things, that all offer a wide range of freedom. By pulling your map out, you can easily track down the places that you can visit and missions that you can perform. Furthermore, there are also errands that you can do to benefit your character more, like doing missions for a small group of refugees can yield you malaria medications.

Busting up a convoy of enemy arms can open up new weapons for you to buy in the store. Kill a small group of armed men and make their tents a place for shelter and saving your game. Or you can also pick up a call and then do assassination missions for the guy on the other end of the line and have yourself bathed in diamonds. You may start to exhaust yourself by doing many side quests in a straight sequence, but by doing them you can get a breather from the story line and also replenish your needs so that you can do other main missions.

What really makes this game shine is the fact that missions and objectives can be accomplished depending on how you want to do things. For instance, you can go head to head with enemies if you are a more “Rambo” type of player. Or even kill your enemies one by one through hiding and shooting, the option is yours. And what can add more color to your missions than by getting more weapons for you to use and also things to upgrade your vehicle and safe house? Finish missions and get a new weapon to add to your arsenal and blast your way through the nest mission. With all that and more, enter into a world full of endless possibilities, enter Far Cry 2.