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We have seen Splatterhouse develop from a game to a horror movie way back in 2007. It started out as making an impact on people who played it, but this version seems to have lost its attractions. Adding to this formula is the poor presentation, nonsense combat, and an overall mess in the game’s mechanics.

It is one of those hack’n’ slash games that have populated the market for some time. Here the character will be waking up in a pool of his own blood, seeing a mask beside him which will turn him to a killing machine – slashing and killing everyone on his way.

Splatterhouse this time tries to get new audience, and though it was able to do so somehow, it still didn’t make it out the way it had before. For some reasons it can almost be the most violent game I’ve seen graphically speaking and you may feel a little disconcerted at the end because of all the decapitations, all the severed and ripped body parts, and gross exploitation. This really is more of a traumatic experience rather than a satisfying one, and you will see lots of gruesome environments but you may even give up exploring them because there is not much of any interest to see.

They remade Splatterhouse thinking of some modern elements to add, but by making it overly gruesome, they have failed to fail make it a hit. I mean, they should have made more of changes to the mechanics, made them a little bit more challenging and upgraded them rather than upgrading the blood volume on the whole game. There are many, many things to be questioned about the mechanics, along with horribly angled frames and cheap camera. It really is annoying and you may feel rather feel sick while playing it.

Controls will also fail you. The puzzles are laggy, and you will have a hard time jumping. Everything is just badly done, and it seems a very desperate attempt at a game all round. The soundtrack does not even make up for the rest of it, and it will only appeal to the metal crowd.

It is clear to me that Namco didn’t put any thought into this game at all. I wonder what got into them to make the decision to show so many scenes inspired by gruesome movies like Saw and the likes. Whatever made them do this has caused them to make a mistake of epic proportions. It is a game I would probably not play again, but if I had to I would not play it after eating for fear of vomiting. There is nothing I liked about it – the story, the immense amount of gratuitous violence, the graphics, and especially the nonsense mechanics. And this is certainly not something I will recommend to anyone.