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I can’t get enough of games in this genre; well they are great in themselves with the added bonus that you do not even need a high end PC to accommodate most of them. Just one average PC and you are good to go. But I bet Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe Murders in the Rue Morgue has something more up its sleeve to attract more gamers.

Well for an application on the PC the graphics are not bad in themselves, they are a bit glitchy sometimes, yet they do the job. And finding items is not that hard since the pictures of the things that you are looking for are not blurry and are not hard to identify.

Looking for the items themselves is easy, as most of the items that you will need are sparkling. Furthermore, in the easy mode of the game, the hint time recharges a lot faster. And you can expect it to recharge a bit longer when the difficulty increases. The sparkling of the items also disappears as the difficulty gets higher.

However, the game with its simplicity still has some faults as nothing is really perfect.
For instance, there nothing much going on here to attract gamers. The murder thing and that you need to investigate are already themes from previous games like this and we were hoping for a different theme. “There goes another murder game.”

The graphics are great but some glitches are still noted. There is no audio to complement the total character of the game, which is not hard to do. It may seem that we are asking for too much. But the price really suggests that the game has a sort of quality attached to it. Which sadly it does not possess that.

Ordering the whole package just gives you a 20 to 30 minute extension of the whole game. Almost useless if you ask me, and why would you spend more money on the whole package if you are not even enjoying the basic package. So what is the use of buying?

And besides, for a game that is in this price range, you can expect people to think they will be getting a much better game; but it fails to deliver. There are many games out there that do not charge that much yet they are giving great cash deals for better gameplay. Overall the game is OK for what it is, yet it does need to undergo many changes to make the players see that they are getting money’s worth.