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Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun is another game under the Command and Conquer series which has been a favorite among gamers for a long time now. It began as an excellent game which took a lot of risks in its presentation and succeeded. However, I don’t know what happened along the way, but the game developers wimped out on their risk taking activities and the following games, including this one, leaves the gamers waiting for more improvements.

But this does not mean that the Tiberian Sun is lacking. It is not. The topography is realistic, the terrain is very effective and real looking, thanks to the colors and lighting used, and the explosive do dig pits into the ground and will effectively knock down the structures they are meant to destroy. There are some additions to the battlefield as well like the Tiberian mutants which will just attack the forces when they see them.

The landscape in this game is different from the rest of the games in the Command and Conquer series. The gamer can customize the hot keys according to how they want to take control of the game, and there is also the allowing of queuing production of the units in one facility so there would be less demands on building more structures.

The infantry is tiny when viewed on the screen, but they do look like an infantry and that is what counts. However, the design of some of the vehicles are a little disappointing. The tanks look like a shoeboxes; I was really surprised about that low quality design.

This is a science fiction based game so there are a lot of expectations riding on it. Unfortunately, the expectations of the fans will only end in disappointment for the lack of originality in the weapons vehicles used. This is supposed to be a game of strategy and command; it would help if there were more war vehicles to work with. It is science fiction after all, so the lack is disappointing.

Tiberian Sun may visually look different from the other Command & Conquer games but it is not really that different in that it keeps to the feel of the original and the soundtrack can bring back the memories of the previous games.

Once the campaign is finished, the player can continue playing against the computer if they should choose which keeps the gameplay interesting. There will be a time when the players may want to try their skills against the other opponents online and no one would be disappointed to find that there are thousands of players online. So the challenge is really great and it makes the game more interesting.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter if the player enjoyed the original game; this Tiberian Sun stands alone well and does not need the others to back it up. The designers kept to the formula that was proven successful in the past and it is still successful in the new version. This may not be a superior game, but it sure is fun to play.