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Well of course the verdict lies on the gamers themselves as different people have different view of things. But there are a handful of points both good and bad that you may want to note to deem this game worthy of your time.

The game revolves around Faith the main character of the game as she takes on the roll of a runner. Not that she is an athlete, but runners in the setting of the game mean people who are carrying sensitive information to deliver to a specific receiver. The message is not even clear and the whole idea is an underground movement. But things in the game take a turn when Faith suddenly tries to clear the name of her sister after being accused of the murder of a mayor-candidate who has promised a new life for runners like her.

What you do in the game is basically similar to what you see ninjas do in movies but without the shuriken and the sword. You climb buildings, jump from roof to roof, run fast and slide under a pipe, and so on. It’s all about the stunts. But what really made mirror’s edge different is the fact that the entire experience is going to be on first person view. In a way different as most games of this genre is in third person view, but nonetheless a unique touch to a game with many competitors.

The graphics are top notch and we wished that all games were made as great as this one. The sound effects are also great the background music nonetheless compliments the whole theme of running and sliding. The voice overs are wonderful and not to mention that you even get to hear faith catching her breath and also her footsteps, which is a great touch for a game such as this.

The game is all about running and jumping and aside from that little fighting, which is a shame when enemies are armed and they are shooting at you. You do have a few karate chops, but the idea for them is to hit and then run some more as Faith doesn’t seem to have a taste for violence. You may come up in front and beat an enemy but if he is with another one then this may be a fast way towards the checkpoint. You need to run and jump and that’s all there is to it.

The game features runner vision in which if you get stuck in a rut you may use this vision and your destination is painted in red. But at times when you use this feature you will only see a short term destination and sometimes a long term one. Not really helpful when you have a specific goal in mind.

All the jumping and running and somersaults must be done correctly and at precise timing. This means that if you have a wrong move even just one you will fall down or disrupt the whole chain of action and prevent you from getting to your goal. This means a lot of trial and error which eventually gets frustrating, believe me. And the situation can even get worst, by the time that you have figured out how to execute the action in precise timing, you will end up with a lot harder puzzle that will sink you down to more frustrations and also slow you down… a lot.

Overall the game is a wonderful experience if you are that patient enough as this game is – to be honest- not for everyone. But if you are looking for challenge and a whole lot of difference in gaming taste, then mirror’s edge will be to your liking.