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Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party is the new Wii edition of the Rayman series. A few years back, Rayman was a hit. The limbless body jumping from side to side was cool, but as time went on, the character became dull and boring. However, the new evil Rabbids are its saving grace. They are worthy to be added to the Rayman series. They are well designed and are suitable for the comedic part of the game. The game developers had incorporated a fresh gameplay and tons of new mini games which are crazy, to say the least and at the maximum – really, really crazy. Total fun insured. The game uses the Wii Balance Board for a different result.

There is no escaping the fact that the novelty of each mini game wears thin and TV Party is expected to eventually have the same fate; but somehow it has managed to safe that at the moment. The sequel strictly embraces the proven formula of the past; yet TV Party is still a cut above, when compared to other games on Wii that are swarmed with mini games. The humor in the game is unique, and this time the emphasis is placed on the multiplayer mode. There are mini games that are compatible with four player-split screen contests - really fabulous fun games, don’t you think? And what’s more, it features an eight-player turn-based option.

The plot of the game goes something like this: Rayman is trapped and is coerced to watch a critter television. The shows here are actually the 50 mini games that make up the jokes and spoofs. The creators of the game have also chosen to present most of the cinematics in 2D style. Although the skits and the cinematics were fun, it leaves a feeling of something missing and would have been a lot better if it were shown in a different way. The gameplay is on 3D and it does not fit well with the cinematics on 2D. There was a noticeable amount of load screens between menus and mini-games with the occasional frame rate problems in the game.

But if you are looking for plain fun and a good deal of laughs, the game certainly has the capacity to give that to you. As you progress to the programs on TV, you encounter new challenges as you find yourself playing in skits and spoofs of movies and TV programs. The programs include reality shows and more.

I still feel that TV Party is better than Rabbids 2 in terms of mini-games; to be fair. The controls on Wii work well in games such as the spoof where a rabbid rides a bull down the mountain; or in another, where you play Godzilla. The Balance Board is basically used and although it’s debatable if it’s really engrossing enough, it sure is a novelty. In addition, this game extensively makes use of the Wii remote in nunchuk in. Fortunately, TV Party is back on track with spoofs rather than just shooting as many rabbids as possible. There heaps of more of fun in these games rather than just plain old shooting.

To sum it all up, Rabbids TV Party does not revolutionize the mini-game genre on Wii. It only adds a more fun situation in the game. And generally, the feel is just the same as the prequel. And just to reiterate, the issues on the 2D cinematics and the too many load screens are a definite nuisance. However, if you get past these issues, the game is undoubtedly fun. Thus if you liked the earlier Rabbids in the past, you’re going to love them this time.