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A current trend in the gaming world now is the incorporation or the invasion, if you want to call it that, of professional sports games on Wii. A perfect example is FIFA 10. Creators have made FIFA available on Wii today. But take note that the market for Nintendo Wii is casual players, and those that play professional sports are often serious about it. So here arises the difficulty in striking a balance for the two markets – the loyal fans and the casual gamers. But in spite of such situation, the game is still garnering good feedbacks because it still provides fun.

When you play FIFA 10 on Wii, the first thing you notice is that the Manager Mode you’ve known is now called the Battle for Glory. Still, the usual feel of FIFA is present with the addition of just a wee bit Wii-centric characteristic. The feature that allows you to transfer players and check stats are still present. However, the important feature of you being able to control a whole European Club is not there anymore. On the brighter side, they have added a new fun feature that both soccer fans and casual players love. Before each game, there is an option to choose 3 “Manager Moment” which serves as your goal for the game. When you accomplish these tasks, you earn points that you can use to improve your team.

This feature does not end there. Aside from team improvements, the Manager Moment goals also give you the “game booster cards”. These cards do many things like improve a specific player, increase his speed or the effectiveness in his shots. You may save these cards up or use them automatically in the next game. The choice is yours.
The game also has a Tournament Mode where you strive to attain one of the many cups that all teams vie for each season. This feature is the standard tournament in soccer. But the trophies you get at each tournament are the same as in the real world. That ought to keep you motivated. There is also the standard online mode that lets you play with other teams or a two-on-two soccer game.

The instant you are on the pitch, you immediately feel that the game is not the same as FIFA 09. The graphics are now cartoony, and the level of detail is not that great. The frame rate also raises an issue, especially on instant replay. However, the players move quite well and are almost at par with the real ones.
There are also mini-games; and penalty kicks, free kicks and corner kicks are some of the games you can play as a form of practice. However, there is no deep game mode like the “career mode” that sports fans absolutely love. This feature should have been in the game.

The biggest problem is not in the graphics, though; it’s on the game itself. Specifically, it’s in passing the ball. It gets annoying when you cannot control the speed of the pass you make to a team mate in the game. Such difficulty is critical to the playability of the game.

All in all FIFA 10 on Wii is definitely a good evolution into the trend of incorporating professional sports in computer games. The creators have done a good job at being cautious about the reactions of fans of the game who want the gameplay to be as close as it could be to reality; while there are also people who just want to have an old-school arcade fun. Save those that are mentioned above, which point to the game’s weakness; FIFA 10 still delivers great fun, of course. Hopefully, the next FIFA on Wii will attempt to improve on the weaknesses mentioned.