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EA has taken over the Wii creation of the system and the golfing experience of the Game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. The feedback on the game is great and the experience of golfing is terrific. The way the gameplay is created has really answered the needs of gamers. The game just allows you to get immersed in it. It is the best entertainment in golf that money can buy. Moreover, PGA Tour 10 also features a wide selection of new courses with a realistic weather effect. The star of the game is the long awaited MotionPlus swing controls. This offers a very realistic recreation of real golfing. If you are still deciding whether or not to buy the MotionPlus, here’s a tip: YES! Buy one already. It is really THAT good.

The gameplay is really one fantastic feature. The menus in the game are slick. The style is very good and the pointer controls are well done. However, the game is still not a major revolution. The fundamentals of the previous edition are still intact; EA has just added and then subtracted some features to improve the game. And there are several game type modes, but the biggest part of the single player game is on the “My Career” mode. It is specially detailed that you are able to create a golf player basically from scratch. You may also customize as much as you want in the game. And when your player is ready you can take him to several tours like the PGA tour, the FedEx Cup, and Tournament Challenge. This type of career mode, I would definitely recommend to golf fans because the tournament is filled with seasoned PGA real life players as your competitors.

The game not only has the career mode, but it also features more than ten mini-games. These games range from cart competition to target practice and then to ring scores. Well, this mode actually featured in the previous edition; which up to four players - and the fun just keeps getting better.

Then there’s the online mode. The features in the last edition are still there, but some new fantastic live tournaments have been added. In this edition, you may join a tournament on a daily or weekly basis. You can even play with the pros in the ranked tournaments. And when you add this to the real-time weather feature of the game - the weather forecast - you’ll encounter unpredictable environments which just make the game a bit more challenging.

The Graphics of the game is superb when it comes to fluidity and the course looks realistic enough. However, the textures in the game can do with some improvements. The sound on the other hand is just average. The sound on the menus is decent but is not a stand out. And the sound effects in the gameplay are not that good either.

Despite the minimal drawbacks, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for Wii can still be considered one of the best. It’s filled with content and the game is made excellent with the addition of the MotionPlus, along with the great Disc Golf expansion and the online mode that add some other dimension to the game. Don’t be surprised if this game hits the top of the charts.