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If you own a Nintendo Wii Game Console, various party games are actually available for purchase for your Wii. People are thinking that the games available for Wii are quality titles that will satisfy hardcore gamers with interesting gameplay mechanics and multiplayer settings. Well, this is quite true in several games, but Wii owners have also frequently unraveled a lot of Wii party games that are poorly created, hurriedly done, and even insipid that land in to the shelves of video gaming stores.

One such game titled Carnival Games from game developer Cat Daddy games has a certain degree of charm and freshness, but quickly falls into the deep and gloomy place of mediocrity. Although the game is clear on what it tries to be for the gamers and has even partly attained this purpose; there’s nothing there that’s done exceedingly well. Thus, it remains to be in the middle.

When last previewed in July 2007, the latest effort of Cat Daddy Games that paved the way for Carnival Games was slowly becoming into a – well, something. The title was made up of games that were simple and not entirely complex; but there were also other factors that made up for the downsides of the game. You can now see that not much change can be seen in the game as it still remains relatively shallow, even with the presence of a rich multiplayer environment.

A piece of advice, don’t play this game alone! The game isn’t really meant to be played alone. Though there is a profusion of unlockables, players playing solo will definitely grow tired of the lack of variety in the game. But when you play with friends around, redemption can almost be attained.

At the onset of the game, players can choose and have the chance to design their own characters. Players have the capability of customizing shoes, hats, clothes, and other stuff. A lot of items become available as you progress through the game unlocking them along the way in the games, but the items do not really pay up to be great enough incentives. Small, medium, or large prizes are given to players depending on how much success a player has achieved in the games. Tickets are also awarded to players, which can be used to redeem prizes or can be used at the fortune teller or love meter. After choosing and tweaking your character, you are then led to a street of different games that have similarities with each other.

The overall presentation is a so-so per se with the fact that it actually has a feel of a carnival; though there are instances where you feel you might get scammed. The graphics are not that good in this game. The textures and animations leave many elements to be desired, but the art direction proves to be something good in its own right. Still, the developers of the game can do more with the graphics, if they put their mind to it. The sounds in the game aren’t so terrible; saved by the decent voice acting and sound effects that are quite passable. The gameplay is definitely not as good compared to other games. But Carnival has some gems that make the game a little bit fun to play with.

Although the game ca never be among the best in Wii games, it still has this delightful charm that players might want to try.