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Dante’s Inferno is practically an offshoot of the God of war series. With an added improvement in the system; some plus on the power-ups and items; some combat strategy changes; and visual difference, the new game is now a deviation from the original. This has become the reasons why Dante’s Inferno has become one of the most fluid games among the action genre in gaming.

The developers of the game, A2M have tried to transpose and make the game in the PSP. The story was basically the same. Dante is on a journey to save a loved one’s soul from the inferno; and he does this be destroying things, which is basically the same as before. And when you look at the game Dante’s Inferno closely, A2M has destroyed the essence of the game with the little resources and capabilities of the PSP.

The combat, at the first looks the same as the console version, but once you play it, you can feel the difference. The dodge move is now harder to control. The character is now less versatile in combat. The combo of a hero may easily be broken due to the difficulty mentioned above. Hence, frustration may arise.

And that’s not all; there are wrongly-created edits in the game. There are now perceived as imbalances in the skills of the hero. An example is the grab-and-judge skill that becomes too powerful in the game. As a result, other strategies and skill turn out to be impractical to use. Some skilled player however, can ignore this issue since they have what it takes to make use of other combat strategies and combos. But, there is still a downside to this; the hits of the combos you use are not registered perfectly, so you can still end up using the imbalance skill due to irritation.

Moreover, the holy dash skill that was effective against a mob has become virtually useless since it now requires you to aim manually using the analog while pressing down a directional pad (Did I say impractical?) Combine this with the reduced movement speed of Dante; the game is really frustrating.

That’s not saying the game is all negative. The developers were able to maintain some of the epic scopes from the console game. It is admirable for them to still have the maintained host of levels and encounters. The scale of the game is good, and the graphics is pretty impressive, even considering that this is a PSP game. The use of colors have compensated for the lack of detail in the background. And the game as a whole performs as it should.

In this version, most of the 'punish or absolve' feature have been deleted. However, what is retained works well. Save when you are in the scripted kills in the game. On the presentation of the game, it was really shabby and compromised. The soundtrack in the game does not perform well. There are skips and cuts in the game. And to make things even worse, there are load screens at every stage and for every move you make in the game.

The transposition from the console game to the PSP isn’t such a smart move for A2M. The game was virtually a disaster. Gamers, if you are looking for fun, this is not the game for you.