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Dissidia Final Fantasy is a fighting game of all the RPG characters that Square Enix has created. Well, I must say that I had no doubts about an RPG game made by Enix, but I certainly had second thoughts about their capability when they made this fighting game. Luckily, that doubt was quickly dispelled when I started to play the game. The game is really one of the most well-thought of game that I have ever played -- easily one of my favorites. And more so, if you are a fan of the Final Fantasy series; you’ll regret it if you do not play the game.

The game has both the heroes and villains of up to Final Fantasy 10, along with some characters that you can unlock. Now, you have the chance to brawl with these forces of light and dark against each other. The plot of the story features the war in Dissidia between Cosmos, the goddess of Harmony; and Chaos, the god of discord. And their move is to summon all the warriors of light and darkness. Hence, the battle between the heroes of light and the villains of darkness begins.

Dissidia is basically a ‘one-on-one’ action game. The game is not the stereotype fighting game, and it does not need heavy directional inputs on the game either. It is more akin to the game Kingdom Hearts where you go inside a gigantic arena and send attacks to your opponents with only a simple button to press. It’s kind of a combination between an RPG battle and a fighting game.

Now, you may say that the gameplay is pretty shallow, but when you come to play it; it really requires a good amount of skills to play the game well. Timing is crucial in making attacks or counterattacks. The dodging system of the game also requires a player to assess the distance well. Hence, the game is a fighting game, with the added ability to roam around the arena at will.

You need to get along with the battle system at first. Practice will make you better, the Bravery points in the game is a critical aspect that a player must focus on. The game is a balance between Bravery and HP attacks. You start by accumulating Bravery points and then when you have enough, you make an HP attack that damages the enemy at the amount equal to your Bravery point.

But this is not the only aspect of the battle, there is also the EX mode that every character has. For every attack you make, adds up to the EX gauge. Once the gauge is full, the character can go to his or her EX mode. This greatly increases the attack power and abilities. When you combine the HP Attack and follow it up by pressing the box button, the character does a unique and amazing EX Burst attack — which is 90% finishing blow.

The characters include heroes in the proportion of Squall, Terra, Cloud and Tidus. Then they are clashed with villains as devious as Sephirot, Ultimecia, Jecht and Kefka. The characters have certain classes that they belong to. They may be close ranged or long ranged characters.

The game can still use some improvements in its graphics. An improvement in the details in the game can boost the game as well. Also, there’s a good amount of enhancement needed in how the characters in the game are introduced. People who have no knowledge of the franchise may have a hard time keeping up with the role of the characters.

But overall, the game is one of the best. Gamers should not miss this one. The combination of unique features and legendary characters in the game is quite an experience.