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Grand Theft Auto IV features Niko Bellic, who just got off a boat from the war-torn East Europe. In GTA 4 you can see that it is the best when it comes to technical achievement and narrative course compared to the previous ones. It incorporates the comic-book and comedy style of the previous ones and adds a ton of emphasis on the rough pragmatism of Liberty City with all its characters, which make it alive.

This time, the biggest change in the game is the story. GTA is departing from the stereotype rags to riches story where one starts poor and then takes over the whole city like a kingpin. This time the story is about Niko and his cousin Roman. Their path is dark, full of betrayals and tragedies written all over it. This gives the game some more dimensions and makes you feel connected with the characters even more. Specifically, Niko’s past haunts him, and you get to take on the challenge of using him.

The city by itself has not changed much. However, the details and the atmosphere are now greatly enhanced. Pedestrians and bystanders react more properly and realistically. They now interact with the environment even if you are not meddling with them.

Another notable revolution in GTA 4 is in the aspect of the mission structure. There is now a blending of in-mission and out-of-mission play. This results in a more freestyle game play. This means that the types of missions are more realistic and unique with a lot of twists.

In between these missions, there are ample choices to do and spend your time. Liberty City has a wide variety of social interests that you can do alone, or with someone. There are bowling alleys; gentlemen clubs and bars; and there’s the comedy club – with an array of unique leisure interests to get you into the game even more.

To extend the game, aside from the single player experience, you can play Grand Theft Auto 4 online. This is the first time that a player can go online, taking along your own distinct personality; and use a huge arsenal of different modes, in addition to 15 others already in place in Liberty City. The best mission here is when you escort a player to an escape point and the other team tries to get rid of him. And the most amusing and engaging is the Freeform mode, which transforms Liberty City into a recreational area. Here you can do anything you can think of in the GTA world.

Of all the additions that the creators have done to GTA, the best part to really appreciate is the story of the game. In the past, GTA has been compared to Saints Row 2 because there is a ridiculous amount of unbelievable content in it. But here, the world feels more authentic and credible. Well, it may be rough and desperate at times, but it’s just because of the story. It is consistent and more alive by a hundred miles compared to other games that I have played.

Moreover, it is not without humor. There are the quick remarks from the pedestrian, to the more bizarre characters you encounter in the game. GTA 4 still retains its satirical bite. Take note of Weasel News, the news station that’s as narrow-minded and dyed-in-the-wool as another news network that’s similarly animal-sounding; you know GTA 4 is right on the money!

However, the combat can use a little tuning up. One, you can get confused the instant the camera moves, when you are in narrow spaces. There are also some problems in auto shooting. You can still die, no thanks to the lock-on that forces you to look at pedestrians rather than the police at your back. Hence, this is one aspect of the game that still needs to be improved.