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Lost Planet was very successful in the market. And now, the developers of the game have released Lost Planet 2. The momentum of the market should be in this game. The target market is Western gamers. And in this sequel, the Capcom has promised a multi player mode from the previous Lost Planet and the much anticipated four player cooperative mode during the whole campaign. To the gamers’ disappointment, however, Lost Planet 2 has failed in the online aspect of the game. The issues on the online mode in Lost Planet 1 are still present. Moreover, these are compounded by additional problems now.

Still, save for some aspects, the game is a very good one. The game experience here is really one of a kind; from the ice fields to the jungles and down to the cities and deserts, the world created is a sight to be watched. The limit in the kind of alien enemies is compensated by the variety of the factions that you have to overcome. Another plus is the music in the game, which is exceptional. The orchestration and the timing in the dramatic scenes in the game are superb. However, some of the levels do not have any accompaniment. This takes off some of the excitement, and would often lead to a silent hunting experience - literally!

The controls are basically the same as last time. The melee mode is still in the B button. And running is also in the B button. And if you want to use a data post or a vital suit, just press the B button. Easy, isn’t it? Graphics is good enough and animation is very well emphasized, which is sometimes a drawback as it sometimes get in the way of your concentration in the game. Another issue is the considerable wait if you are going to access the data post. Lost Planet 2 is full of complex activation sequences that you have to repeat the process every time you use it.

The game story is a bit incoherent, to put it delicately. It is set in six perspectives. There are no checkpoints in the missions, which mean you have to complete a chapter at once if you want to advance and save the game. If you die in the middle or towards the end of a chapter, you have to start at the beginning again. And because of this, the game shows you something different every time, which often lead to a disjointed feeling in the story of the game. You may even say that the game is a cliché when it comes to this aspect.

The multiplayer is also unchanged in the game. Using a giant robot suit to turn your friend into smithereens is still as cool as the last time. Even the controls are still the same. An electrical grenade that incapacitates the enemy is still as effective as ever to get the job done.

The game has many flaws as there are strengths. Hence, it is only an average game. All the issues presented and the cool features given, can help you gauge the playability of game but it’s all a matter of choice and you do have the final say on whether you like it or not.