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Need for Speed SHIFT Unlockables Trophies

Bronze Collector (Bronze) - Earn 15 Bronze Badges
Bronze Earner (Bronze) - Earn 5 Bronze Badges
Bronze Hunter (Bronze) - Earn 10 Bronze Badges
Bronze Master (Bronze) - Earn 20 Bronze Badges
Chance of a Lifetime (Silver) - Reach Tier 3
Driving Amateur (Bronze) - Reach Driver Level 5
Driving Hero (Silver) - Reach Driver Level 40
Driving Legend (Gold) - Reach Driver Level 50
Driving Pro (Silver) - Reach Driver Level 20
Driving Rookie (Bronze) - Reach Driver Level 2
Driving Semi-Pro (Bronze) - Reach Driver Level 10
Driving Veteran (Silver) - Reach Driver Level 30
Epic Collector (Gold) - Earn 15 Epic Badges
Epic Earner (Silver) - Earn 5 Epic Badges
Epic Hunter (Silver) - Earn 10 Epic Badges
Epic Master (Gold) - Earn 20 Epic Badges
Gold Collector (Silver) - Earn 15 Gold Badges
Gold Earner (Silver) - Earn 5 Gold Trophies
Gold Hunter (Silver) - Earn 10 Gold Badges
Gold Master (Silver) - Earn 20 Gold Badges
NFS Live World Champion (Gold) - Win the NFS Live World Championship
One Small Step (Bronze) - Win your first event
Platinum Trophy (Platinum) - Unlocked all of Need for Speed: SHIFT's trophies
Road to Success (Bronze) - Reach Tier 2
Silver Collector (Silver) - Earn 15 Silver Badges
Silver Earner (Bronze) - Earn 5 Silver Badges
Silver Hunter (Bronze) - Earn 10 Silver Badges
Silver Master (Silver) - Earn 20 Silver Badges
The Final Countdown (Gold) - Reach Tier 4
Trial By Fire (Bronze) - Complete the NFS Live Pre-Race Event

Need for Speed SHIFT Hints Get £100K+
To get over 100k you must:
1. Complete the first race and win.
2. Choose a cheap car eg. Escort RS Cosworth
3. Go into quick race, Choose hazyview 8 with max laps and opponents.
4.Choose a car and race.
Repeat until you've reached Level 8 or 9 This'll help out with Tuning your car and progressing to Driver Profile 50.