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Map hint for Hardcore mode.

When you play hardcore in any gametype you have no HUD. If you press the START button while you play a little map pops up in the bottom right corner. This is really helpful during Search and Destroy because you can see where your partners are and where they died. Just make sure you are at a safe spot so you don't die!

Claymore Facts
-in real life, the claymore doesn`t get stuck into the ground, it stands on two bipod like structures
-the sound of a claymore clicking is the same sound of a landmine clicking in Call of Duty 1 and 2
-a claymore on an elevated position does more damage
-if a claymore is placed directly in front of an enemy, it won`t go off until the enemy moves(turning doesn`t count as moving)
-in search and destroy, claymores dont disappear after death

RPD Facts
-if you use a heartbeat sensor, you close it when reloading
-you can hear the bullet casings hit the ground if the volume is loud enough
-the RPD is the only gun that has a folded bipod
-the reloading action is different with ACOG and Red Dot sights on it

ACOG Site Facts
- the ACOG was actually invented for the M16 and the M4 specifically
-in MW2 the EMP affects the ACOG but in real life it uses no energy at all, it is powered by tritium
-the ACOG has an unstable CQB iron sight on its left side