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Although Rooms The main Building is not one of the most interesting challenging puzzle games around, it still managed to rise above its mediocrity. The game presents 100 levels of puzzle games to entertain and present a challenge to any player who has bought a copy of this game. The very reason why this game has been created is the idea of having high level puzzle games that can provide enough challenge to a player who is crazy about puzzles.

The story mode of Room’s focuses on a young man who is trapped in a world that he can only escape by solving slide puzzles. The essence of the puzzles is to guide the character to slide pieces of the puzzles and unlock a doorway to another level. The game gets to the point of being boring and dull as you get repetitive experience of sliding puzzles and unlocking doorways to a new level. It’s actually too much of a no-brainer!

The creators of the game anticipated the boredom that would come with this kind of game; hence, it is inevitable that twists are presented. The creators added twists and diverse approaches to the game such as additional mechanics including teleporters and magic cupboards. However, the additions are pooled into a single stage, a more difficult stage that is very challenging. The negative part of this concept of puzzles is that some difficult puzzles are overshadowed by many easier puzzles.

The player suffers from a created plot that makes them, at some point, integrate the game to point and click stuff only. The creators of the game made an honest to goodness effort to make the player very more participative to the world of Rooms; but failed miserably. The game has its own charm; but sad to say, its dialogue and interactions were so bad that there is less recall for the players.

The DS version and Wii version both feature challenge modes that are timed but only playable once the story mode has been finished. It is very disappointing that for DS players, they can only play the game with a friend who also has a DS; and for Wii players, there is no game to be shared at all. Both versions have horrible interface.

Rooms: The Main Building is for players who really like puzzles. Some of the features are annoying such as the time limit. The later versions of the game however, have already an added feature of untimed level of puzzle solving. Patient players are quickly rewarded by working around some quirks and twists.

The game is a unique concept. It is impossible to ignore because of its level design. Just keep in mind that solving a puzzle is still rewarding, just not my cup of tea to be honest.