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Warcraft III Frozen Throne is finally released. Blizzard has always been very well right on target when it comes to releasing expansion packs. Right now, the release of The Frozen Throne has created a lot of buzz in the world of PC games. The expansion pack needs to exceed various expectations of fans and players around the world. It starts from where the original game left off. The bad guys are no longer around and the surviving races are busy creating their new homes.

In the expansion campaign you start as a member of the night elves. The primary concern is too clean up the mess that the demons left behind. On the other side, the betrayer Illidan has set out for his payback by raising the marine creatures, Naga, so he can proceed with his own plans. This is the beginning of the plan to shake the world’s foundation once again, now that it has already been relatively peaceful. The stories that were left hanging such as who would control Lorderon (they were without king, remember?) is now tackled in the expansion set of The Frozen Throne.
Campaign bonus centers on the new colony Durotar; taking on one mission that span an entire campaign. It is like a role playing kind of game approach. However, the campaigns are the usual ones with chances of playing different side of the story.

There is an introduction of new units and extra races. The Naga race is particularly interesting even if they are one of the races that’s not playable in multi player. The Frozen throne offers new stuff for avid gamers. Significant additions include nine new heroes. Each race gets one, together with five neutral ones. The Night Elves have the warden; Orcs have Shadow Hunter, a troll hero. The humans on the other hand, have the Blood Mage, an Elven hero. Undead has a Nerubian hero, the powerful crypt lord. You can also hire the services of the neutral heroes like the Naga Sea Witch, Pit Lord, Beastmaster and the Pandaren Brewmaster.

Blizzard has already eliminated bugs from this expansion. An intensive beta testing has been performed to easily wipe out bugs that existed before. However, no game is really perfect; the Frozen Throne has minor slip ups, like voices of the blood elves for example, it sounds more intelligent than the humans. 3D units of the game have not change. The new units do not look any more detailed than it was previously. Blizzard created an expansion set with the purpose of compatibility with mid range sets to cater to a more varied and bigger population of gamers.

To those players that prefer normal RTS, the campaigns of the expansion set do not usually play like any traditional RTS. There is still the feature of building a base and conquering another base. This has been somewhat boring; however, Blizzard has gone through the production side and focus on these missions to retain the strategy game that is present among its predecessors.

The downside of the expansion set is its price as it ranges from $20 to $25. But it is a worthy investment for avid gamers. Since the expansion set starts from where its predecessor ended, the player may find it easy to establish a connection to the game. Which kind of brings the other downside - for new players who have not played the previous campaigns it would be hard to understand the storylines behind the Frozen Throne. So far, Blizzard has created another great and astounding expansion pack. Pick a copy now and start playing WarCraft: The Frozen Throne.