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Singularity (PC DVD) Review: Turning Back the Hands of Time.

The game Singularity gives a resounding approach to PC users as it is a polished first person game approach game that provides surprises in every twist and turn of the game. It presents a sophisticated game that can entertain you with the well-developed and well-executed superficial events. The game play revolves particularly in shooting monsters; it is the kind of game that ups the ante through its variety.
The story line behind this game started at the end of the cold war, specifically 20 years ago. It portrays a time when the Soviet Union discovers a source of element 99 that can warp monsters through time travel. The game provides a 5 minute introduction as you begin living the nightmare as the main character, Renko.

The game draws itself from other games such as BioShock. It is a game that features a lot of monsters to kill with plenty of weapons to choose from. You can continually upgrade yourself (Renko) as the game progresses. It also features puzzle solving that can give clues as to what transpired in the past. The creator managed to create a high octane atmosphere in the game.

The center point of this game is when Renko gets hold of the weapon called TMD also known as Time Manipulation Device. It has limitless power that can change time in its exact moment from the time of destruction back to creation – like it was never destroyed.

Now you’re already playing with your imaginations on what things to change, however, it can only manipulate certain things. You are best advised to use the TMD to solve puzzles for your clues. Be warned that the game does not really get easy when you already have the TMD. There are still things that could be solved and answered through ordinary moves. You have to be on your toes to take advantage of the situation and environment. You do not really need a TMD for these type of moves; you need your common sense!

The game has solid sound effects and the gory presentation is so disgustingly good, it’s very impressive. You also get the impression that the enemies in the game are sometimes dumb that you instantly notice their flaws. Although the challenge builds up as you continue your journey, and it gets harder as you go on. The game also presents an online multiplayer.

There are two modes to choose from such as the Extermination and Death Match, monsters VS soldiers. It’s a lot different in the multiplayer as you have the chance to continually upgrade your character with enhancements to have a faster speed or range as a monster. On the side of the soldiers, the presence of TMD also creates a different advantage such as healing. The multiplayer is a lot simpler with its strongly created maps; which is actually a relatively new feature. The essence of the multiplayer aspect is that you have the option to play as the monster or the soldier.

This game is not a bad choice, it has its own ups and downs but it is definitely worth your time to play the game. Use your imagination and take it from there.