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Sniper: Ghost Warrior (PC DVD) Review – Meet Stealth, Your New Best Friend.

Can’t help falling in love with games that have guns from militaristic wars and battles? Can’t stop liking being on stealth or being on the front line in a battle? Then Sniper: Ghost Warrior is definitely the best game for you!

The Sniper is kind of misleading. In this game, you can either be the soldier who’s fighting on the front line or be the one lurking in the shadows and killing enemies with a single bullet on headshots. Yes, you can experience both in this game. Your character may be assigned to a fictional South American country; and from there, your main mission is to bring an end to the regime of a tyrannical dictator. You can alternately play the two characters on any given time. However, the game’s focus leans more on the sniper.

When playing the sniper, you need to disguise and blend yourself with your environment. Different missions are given to you, which mean you employ different styles and methods to carry out your objectives as a sniper. In some parts of the game, you are thrown in a jungle landscape set at night. You have to sneak from one spot to another and fish out some fully-equipped guards on the area. This is where the HUD mechanics gets interesting and being focused on the screen for vital info becomes essential. It is crucial that you keep constant awareness of the visibility meter at the bottom of your screen. Know that when the gauge is full, it means you’ve been uncovered and the enemy has seen you. You can expect to have an open fire battle. Also, be careful not to expose dead guards’ bodies to their comrades. It may lead to a panic and eventually reveal your presence. When numerous enemies have spotted you, just say bye-bye to your character … and to the game as well.

Once you bring up your sniper scope, a few diagrams are seen on your monitor; like the heartbeat of your character on the upper right corner of the screen. If you keep on running around and the heart rate continues to rise, the accuracy of your shot may be affected. Not only that, bullet trajectories, movement scopes and even your breath sounds differ with every action and movement you make … Pretty realistic, huh?

If you are still a newbie in this game, you can select the difficulty level according to your preference. Since the most common situation in this game is gaining the perfect timing to pull the trigger. It might be a little tricky on your part at the beginning, but there are tutorials and some demos presented in the game. Through this, you can learn on how to become a skilled professional sniper.

All in all, Sniper: Ghost Warrior shows potential of becoming a top game played on FPS genre. Expect having plenty of stealthy experience when playing this!