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Ever since Sands of Time - way back in 2003, I have already been a fan of the Prince of Persia installments. The high flying acrobatic actions are truly appealing to the fans of the franchise. The downside to this, however, is the constant release of sequels by its creators, UBISOFT. They have literally toned down the excitement and thrill of the series because of frequent repetitions made. They made the game boring because of the many titles already on the market. It seems that the character in the game needs a little break because of too much exposure that‘s not really doing him or the franchise any favor anyway.

The last Prince of Persia was released n 2008 and it was like an eye opener for the creators finally recognizing the need for change. Besides, the prince literally needed to rest before he can give another shot at being on top of the order for the best games ever created. The game and the franchise reached the point where they’ve done everything and there was nothing left to do. It came to the point of dullness for the franchise that the game has stagnated, regardless of the many sequels that have been released.

This dullness catapulted the re-creation of a new Prince of Persia and this is how the Forgotten Sands installment came to be. While some of you might think and say “here we go again” the new game establishes some points that balance out the reward and punishment. The creators made some magnificent changes in the mechanics, particularly in the combat system where it has really rebounded by holding its own all throughout – even towards the end of the game.

The gameplay in the Forgotten Sands lets you be the Prince of Persia. A highly acrobatic warrior with the trademark of handsome looks; but is also very much adept at scaling walls and fighting anyone of the enemies that get in his way. The storyline revolves around the prince being tasked to save the world. This may sound familiar to you as this has been the storyline of the past Prince of Persia predecessors particularly Sands of Time, which set the bar for all installments of the Prince of Persia games. Despite the non improvement in the storyline, the platforms for acrobatic moves that the game really managed to master can get you excited all over again. With the ability of the Prince to climb and scale walls, you can’t help but think that the Prince might be a ninja as well. The game has actually given you more time to figure out what moves to make in every level through the game.

The first taste of this new game can possibly make you conclude that the game is easy; however, the game gets more laborious once the Prince acquires more powers. It goes to the point where the player has to combine all the powers of the prince to survive in the game. The creators of the game undoubtedly made a wonderful combination of platforms and action rolled into a single rhythm.

The caveat of combining the skills is glaringly obvious. It’s because in the past, it has led to the death of many Princes in the game. The creators provided a wonderful twist to this by bringing back a familiar and favorite ability: the ability to turn back the hands of time. Watch out though; there are certain limitations to the usage of this ability. And you even need to collect more blue orbs before you can use the ability and once you have used it all up, it necessitates going back to the nearest checkpoint. This is the presentation of the risk and reward attributes of this game.
The platform of the game can perk your excitement instantly. But when it comes to the combat aspect, it presents quite a drag down because the earlier opponents were much easier to kill. The new game still maintains the feature of getting experience after experience of killing enemies. This projects the prince as a lot stronger and with even more powers.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is alright but it has yet to match the bar that Sands of Time has established. Nonetheless, the new game itself presents a wonderful array of visuals and colors from its lighting effects down to its graphics. Be warned though, because some parts can be dull and boring at times; basically because you have seen it all over before. All in all, despite not being at par with its long time great predecessor, it’s still an astounding game.