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SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition PC Cheats

Like the cheats in Simcity 4, press Ctrl and X to bring up the cheat menu.
Type in the cheats below and press Enter
Cheat Effect
weaknesspays Adds $1,000 to your main amount.
you don't deserve it Unlocks every item in the game.
recorder Start recorder
watchmemove More pedestrians will run when you look at them
barstuck Stop news bar movement
hellomynameis [name] Change mayor's name. Enter Mayor Name where
[name] is.
fps Displays Frame Rate
gol Green Tinge on map
zoneria Hides empty zone color.
sizeof [number] Increase Magnification. (1-100)
stopwatch Pause/Resume 24-hour clock.
fightthepower Removes power requirement for all buildings.
howdryiam Removes water requirement for all buildings.
whattimeizit [time] Set the Time of Day. Enter time where [time] is.
TerrainQuery [on/off] Show coordinates when hovering over an item.
DollyLlama Toggles your advisors between people/Llamas.
whererufrom [name] Change City Name. Enter cityname where [name] is.
tastyzots Toggles Zots.