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When engaged in a single player match, you can either be Salem or Rios who will fight through the 6-story campaigns while the computer is responsible for the control of your teammate. Even if you think that the weapons will help you in your survival, the most essential tool in your weaponry is the Aggro which is a system that is dependent on how powerful the soldier is while in combat. If you fling grenades, shoot enemies continuously or make explosions, what you will do is swing the agro momentum towards you and as a result will make every soldier be aware of you. This may be disadvantageous on your part but there are actually benefits in the use of agro.

In addition, aggro will make you realize that everything can never be done on your own, hence, it is best to get used to the idea that you should do things together with your partner. Also, every player will be dependent on their partner for an assortment of moves just like the step lifts and turret-like formation named as Back to Back wherein you explode your way out from being surrounded with opponents. There is also a huge number of goals distributed all throughout the game one of which is eradicating particular targets of preference. You will also be given secondary goals just like looking for certain items within the surroundings.

The primary characters bring along with them three weapons and a set of grenades during combats. Their main weapon is usually a machine gun or a shotgun to get rid of big groups of rival troops similar to their range and potential. While all these weapons are terrible, you can upgrade these items to either increase or decrease every weapon stat. Perhaps the most important transformation is the pimp out selection in which your weapon will be turned into gold or platinum plated pistols. Despite the enjoyment, the single-player experience has glitches that will likely hamper the entire game.

Issues of the game can be avoided if you play with another player. There are also numerous ways in which you can have a great experience of the game with a friend. You can choose to play through split-screen when you are in a similar system or you can create an exclusive co-op game with your buddy or perhaps make it a public game for anybody to play with online. The voice acting is outstanding despite the occasional cursing and the big character models, specific environments and amazing explosions will add to the battlefield action. In terms of lasting appeal, co-op and multiplayer will certainly lengthen the fun factor.