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As the player, you will be a mercenary searching for recognition and wealth and at the same time, monitoring places of battles from a conventional third-person standpoint. For that matter, you will be following your goals by handling troops or struggling as part of a group. The primary difference between this kind of strategy and the usual lone actioner is that as the leader you need to make a short stop to convince a group of guys to fight along without the need to attack rival positions on your own. This basic control system will lead Bladestorm to downfall. The commanding troops are so one-dimensional that it is alright to overlook that you are not alone.

Meanwhile, the battles are very simple considering that their performances are similar. All you need to do is run amok across a French countryside in every mission, conquering every camp base you encounter until such time you will arrive at the specific settlement and eliminate it. Variations in battle fights is less, the combats are usually filled with troops creating chaos. Bladestorm is the kind of game that endeavors to portray certain realities of fighting with large number of soldiers. Consequently, the whole thing will be similar to arcade. Also, the artificial intelligence is very unrealistic. The opponents will be reluctant in their attacks to the point that they will just sit back until such time, you will hit their heads.

Depth in between fights makes the game fairly fascinating. You will take time to prepare in order to conquer the tavern’s field. In addition, you will also improve the books dealing with various kinds of troops, purchase equipment and units to prepare for immediate deployment in combats soon. It is fundamentally amazing if you have the capacity to customize outfits for the troops and enhance their combat skills by way of books.

Bladestorm version in Xbox 360 and PS3 have no existing accompaniments and both do not provide a game mode that is multiplayer. The video and the audio qualities are quite bad on both. Graphics have been set near the original levels of Xbox since there are a huge number of troops on the screen at the same time. Thus, the movement of the game is smooth but has no appeal. On the other hand, the visual design is not that impressive due to the flat color palette which makes it hard to distinguish the various types of troops in a separate manner. Despite the hard rock, action-first-squad-combat concept, the game will succeed as half done. The brand new concepts of the gameplay as well as the European backdrop have to be further amplified in order to achieve Bladestorm’s purpose.