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Although the game has several additions, these do not considerably transform the game into something new. The hand plants for instance are there since they make up big portions in skating while the foot plants are there only for fun and not very significant. The new control selection will not also end with the trick set. You can explore San Van by foot which would be good in getting up the stairs rapidly or perhaps stay still so that you will have the chance to see what is around you and decide on your next line. Furthermore, not using your skateboard will also enable you to position pieces of the world around. This is by far, the largest addition to the game.

While positioning objects around and installing your personal line is remarkable, positioning your skater with no use of the board is moderately awful. The camera used is inappropriate and the movements are very inflexible and artificial which will make it difficult for the player to control the skater to do what should be done. But the concrete segment in the manipulation is great. The player will be able to position things which make sense. For instance, you can move small ramps, benches, tables and bins around but you cannot move cars and bus stops.

With regards to the permanence, there are fascinating ways in handling this. One is if you place an item anywhere without peculiarity, it will certainly stay there so if you place a ramp at the center of the road, it will be taken out once you leave whereas if you place a bench beside a building, it will most likely stay there. As soon as you have placed the items in the location where you want them, you will now be able to open the create-a-spot editor, operate a highlighted zone that is big to install your spot, skate it and then eventually, upload for the benefit of other people.

The replay/film editor can also be used for customization. There are cameras added one of which is the tripod and the other is the freeform follow camera. However, the film effects of the game are not included and instead are just waiting to be bought as DLC. The developer of the game has for the most part made some improvements to the game’s set-up. There are more goals accessible compared to the previous game. Yet, there are problems in terms of the presentation.

Another element that has improved is the game’s online component. The player will now be able to participate in all kinds of cooperative goals which are location specific. This kind of feature is very remarkable and definitely handled well. Although Skate 2 is really fun, it is far from achieving perfection with several issues to tackle. But as a whole, it is fun and players should not look further for what is best.