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The storyline is not actually the game’s focus and luckily, the combat is fulfilling. The control scheme is installed in such a way that you can jump and thrive with the use of face buttons in order to perform either fast or strong attacks, use block and Ki powers. Since your moves are swift and casual, you will not have to master the timing or the craft in performing attacks that are complex. But while your fundamental attacks are simple, some advanced moves will permit you to master the mechanics of the game. On the other hand, if Ki is well managed, it will also give you a superior deal in terms of intricacy and approach.

The game also has an aura spark mode which will provide you with increased attacks only for a short period, will let you do teleporting and then perform a blow-away attack just like when you follow someone after you have hit him, yet the damage is bigger. The game also has an appealing counter-attack system in which the individual who makes the attack the second time will take his hit in and will be directed to a play that is strategic and timely rather than just pounding the button. As a result, DBZ will be easy to play; however, you need to practice more often so that you will defeat a seasoned fighter.

Another interesting issue in the game is the character can be subjected to fatigue during combat. Hitting the block button will make the character evade attacks rather than take them on. The Drama Piece system will also have an effect on the outcomes of your battles aside from your efforts. If there are events that will occur, the Drama Piece will be stimulated and transform certain battle elements. The varying effects will include, health boost when nearly defeated, another character will take over and absorb an attack or perhaps you could acquire a Ki.

There are certain issues with respect to the variety of the game. Given the fact that there are only several stages, they will just act as backdrops because you do not interact with them that much. In addition, there may be a respectable list of characters to select from but, there seems to be little difference between them. There is online play into the combination and if you are playing with an expert, it will result to a fantastic game.

There may be leader boards visible which will trace your ranking in terms of power but this is trivial. It is frustrating to note that tournaments are not present and so are battles which are room-based. Regardless of the issues, the fans of Dragon Ball Z will still enjoy a lot more and that is what matters the most.