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Bulletstorm, developed by People Can Fly is not just one of those games that involves shooting, killing, more shooting more killing… This was a surprising game to say the least. Yes, this is a game that does involve shooting and killing, but the developers really rubbed this into the gamers system deep. This is a well planned and well executed game that leaves many looking for more, that is if they are willing to let go.

This game is not for the gamer who wants to space out, this shoot ‘em and kill ‘em game also involves exercising the grey matter. Here plans need to be made carefully; who deserves to be killed, how they are to be killed, and how soon or how far into the game you are willing to wait until you do the inevitable. This game can be so absorbing that you will find yourself unwilling to put it on pause – if you can even find the energy and the need to put in on pause.

There are two playing modes, the single player campaign and the Echoes mode. Although it is recommended that the single player mode would be the best way to start, once you get into the Echoes mode you would not really want to play anyway else.

The plot is a dead giveaway, you are Grayson Hunt and the leader of the mercenaries that are going rogue and are just getting aware that they are going over the bend. Apparently this was not your fault; you find that you and your mates are being used by the commanding general to kill the innocents so he can place the blame on you and your team, while he gets away with all sorts of craziness. You confront him and end up planet side – now the target of the same team mates who have lost all sense of reality.

From there the game play goes pretty serious – in the most engaging, challenging and fun way. The plot disappears after a while as the game play turns serious, but this will only occupy your attention and senses. The screen screams of fantastic graphics, great sounds and engaging action. Once deep into the game, then and only then, will you appreciate the marketing slogan that the game is supposedly a crazy and against all expectations type of Skill Shot gameplay.

In conclusion, well what else could be said other than the developers knew what they were doing, knew the perks and quirks of their target audience, and more than made up for it in the graphics, sounds, game play and modes of playing. What else is left but to say, PERFECT! Well nearly.This is a keeper and should be a welcome and top addition to your game library.