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Sniper Ghost Warrior Xbox 360 Review. Will It Haunt You or Will It Haunt the Bin?

I examined the surroundings; carefully scanning where I was headed with the use of my GPS. I calculated the distance to the spot where I would have encountered my enemies and began moving. As expected, I encountered different obstacles while crawling on the ground in a painstakingly slow pace, a rock here and a wall there; suffice to say, getting to my chosen position was extremely difficult. Suddenly, my GPs gave a beep, Ive reached my destination, but wait! Somethings not right. I expected enemies to be visible but they are nowhere to be seen. I decided to backtrack, taking the same trail; I had a feeling I may have missed something back there. Then seemingly out of nowhere, enemies were all over me, Ive been ambushed! The last thing I heard were earsplitting bursts of gunfire, then nothing. I was left lying on the ground killed by multiple shots. Wondering what that was all about? The events and scenes I just described were experiences I had while playing this game.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior gives you a rough start and a different approach that leaves an impression upon you. The environment and surroundings of this game are quite expansive and full of promise. The game offers you a more appealing sniping method. The game uses the Chrome 4 engine that is featured in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood 2009. Sniper: Ghost warrior and Call of Juarez have similarities; they have the same graphics for their characters. The difference lies behind the gun. Sniper: Ghost warrior is much more realistic. It has the feature of letting the player focus on aiming and good spots where you can make the right shots.

The game requires you to really concentrate while playing. The sniping ability of your character is very much detailed that you have to carefully analyze your position. This is the reason why the creators of the game made equally capable enemies, its remarkably different from other military games that focuses on sniping. You should take into consideration the wind and gravity, particularly the position of the bullet when and where it hits. This is part of the games degree of difficulty. The downside, however, is that there is too much focus given on this area; thus it loses the point of war. The more detailed approach was only given to the area of ambush, rather than the overall aspect of combat.

The environments of the game can be very appealing to beginners. They may encounter creative positioning and feel very pleased with the sniping experience it provides. The game has its own negative aspect, as well; some parts of the surroundings are rendered useless that could have given you more challenge before firing your shot. The Xbox 360 version has problems with the games frame rates as it continually present tearing into the graphics. Having and core i7 SLI system is not an assurance that it can support the requirements of this game, although there is hope because it can be fixed in future patches.

The creators of the game seem to have made this game in a rush. The graphics have issues, particularly the voice work that has been poorly done with a number of errors. The game has obvious flaws, and in spite of the good enemies feature as earlier mentioned, there are some glaring mistakes. For one, you get this distinct feel that the AI is so dumb and careless. It can lead to restarting the mission if you play one AI against another AI. The multiplayer version of the game only adds minimal change. Just remember that this is a sniping game not really a war game; still there are grenades and tanks in the multiplayer that only lend more chaotic incidents.

Hopefully, there will be improvements from this game with new installments in the offing. Once those glaring flaws are corrected, Sniper: Ghost Warrior can really be tremendous fun and quite exciting.