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This is one of the best games made by the Ubisoft Montreal. Sam Fisher, the main character, is back with a vengeance. From the title itself, expect a lot of evil madness from Sam. And players can actually feel it in the game as well.

Take note: the single player campaign is splendid. The story of this game takes off from where Splinter Cell: Double Agent ended. No worries if you haven’t finished or even played the previous game because the mechanics of the game are really easy to understand. The story revolves around the murder of Sam’s daughter and his thirst for revenge. In an astonishing turn of events and a bizarre coincidence the people guilty of murdering his daughter are also planning a terrorist attack on Washington D.C. Sam is on his way to bring hell to these people.

So let’s move on to how Ubisoft Montreal has made this game interesting. Before I do that, however, I should warn you upfront, the PC version of this game is not as good as the Xbox 360 version.

Ubisoft Montreal did something to make this game too interesting and exciting that I can even spend the rest of the day playing the game. One factor that adds up to the game’s excitement is the stealth and speed. Sam moves so stealthily swift he is tagged as the “panther”. In Conviction, Sam is always on the hunt, not running away from his enemies, unlike in the past Splinter Cell games. He seems to be always on the kill mode acting like the ultimate predator without fear of his approaching enemies that can go to any number - up to a dozen at one point.

If you’re in the shadow, the lighting turns to black and white, and if you’re outside, the colors come back. This feature adds up to easy maneuver in the course of the attack. In addition, the cover system makes it easy for Sam to stoop to prevent his enemies from seeing him. So far, this is one of the best cover systems I had used. Unfortunately, if you are marked by the enemy — the best recourse is to retreat. Enemies might be fooled for a while, attacking on the mark that you had left, but not for long. You better do something (like offensive attack) to gain advantage before they get to you first.

There are a number of ways you can attack the enemies. You can use stealth to attack quietly (hand techniques) and avoid getting the attention of the other enemies, or by using your weapons; your preference. A new feature, the mark and execute system, lets you mark a specific enemy. This guarantees a kill. The drawback to this: it’s too unrealistic. Once you mark the enemy and press execute you can hit the enemy even if it manages to hide behind a wall. It’s much too easy and quite impossible in real life. Also, this “bonus skill” should not be used all the time. Once used, you must earn it back by having another takedown. It should be used wisely.

On the whole, the new gameplay techniques can easily be practiced. After completing the single-player campaign, which is easy to thump despite its relative difficulty, there is also a co-op campaign. There’s a major setback here that you should be aware of, which concerns your Internet connection. If your connection is slow, or gets interrupted for even a single second, you get bounced off the game. That also applies to your co-op partner. It doesn’t matter if only one of you have internet problems, both of you get eliminated from the game.

Which creates a problem worth taking note of and that is the inability to check the Internet connection of the other players. This can be very frustrating as you can never to determine when the problems might occur, maybe in the middle of the exciting game? That’s real tough! This flaw is a disappointment because co-op is definitely better than single-player. In the co-op mode, you and your partner play Agent Archer and Agent Ketrel. The mission: find some missing WMD’s. The challenge: not one of you should be killed because if one partner dies, you both lose in the game. This campaign lets you work in tandem, so you have to do everything in your power to cover each other’s back. You can attack the same enemy together to make sure that enemy doesn’t have a fighting chance of surviving.

To wrap it up, the game is quite remarkable, giving you the sense of becoming the ultimate killer of evil people. However, the one big disappointment is the poor online interface in the co-op campaign, which results to delays or pauses. Consequently, I would suggest that this game be played on Xbox live, rather than on PC. The latter is great if you are playing the single-player campaign; then you’re in for an action-packed game.