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Your mission in Bladestorm The Hundred Year War is to lead of team and create offensive tatics in order to lead your team to victory, you play as a rogue leader and a war is on the verge. Now a little about the in game play. The charging of troop is as easy as picking someone around to combat. The player will just have to click a troop if he loses some men in the battle then he can go back to the war again. This rule of the Bladestorm game made it a lousy game. The player cannot feel the real action because there is no way to make an individual fight. The action of the player applies to all the allied troops. It is like watching a synchronize battle instead of actually being in the foot and thickness of it.

The mode of battles is also repetitive and constant. In advancing level by level, the player just had to charge to French troops to destroy them then proceed. This goes on and on for the entire game. There is no new battle strategy for every level to make it more exciting, a better approach would be to constantly upgrade this as the game moves forward.

The battle does looks exciting because of the chaotic troops from both sides but you just need to click the shared action to defeat the entire camp. If you lose energy you just need to retreat to the nearest camp to regenerate, grab some troop then head back to battle again.

The battle setting always happened during the night. The artificial intelligence seemed to be like in reality. The enemies doesn’t attack first they wait to be slaughtered. The only concern of the player is the number of enemies. They are too many but you can easily replenish your troops so there is an easy solution to defeat the enemy.

The interesting part is how the player maneuvers the troop in settling the camp or in the tavern. He will spend some time gearing up the troop, categorizing them according to weapon and the positions during the war. It is interesting to customize gears, weapons, strength, skills and strategy. The player can also buy some equipment for the combat. But during the war all the preparation is hardly recognize because the success of the battle only depends on the total destruction after.

Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of Bladestorm doesn’t offer a multiplayer option which makes it less enjoyable and could of created a more broader game experience, especially if you could fight for countries. I would like to see a game like this in motion where you take on the role of global domination in this type of arena style settings.

The audio and video of the game could of done with better more realistic style approach. The large amount of troops during battle also makes it hard to recognize the different team. The design is not so great because of its limited color. Overall a pretty good game despite my abuse, I just feel why not go the whole hog.