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This is a sequel that closely resembles its predecessor with about the same open world action formula that comes your way in this game; from the graphics down to the downside of the game. Following up from the Epic’s repeated motto for Gear Wars 2: “Bigger, Better and more Badass”; now comes this game for Ruffian’s “Do not rock the Boat”. Do you feel excited now? You should be, the fun is still on and it’s just about to happen.

The introduction about being the same as its predecessor is little bit of an exaggeration. Not everything is really the same. The presence of a four player co-op, new weapons and items, a few new missions and vehicles, and the 16-player combat mode all spice up the new game and are definitely different from its predecessor.
In Crackdown 1, the Pacific City was destroyed by mutants. The terrorists, who call themselves The Cell, did a good job nearly annihilating the whole city. The city is now in great danger of perishing into a ghost town. This is in fact the storyline you have to endure in the new game. It is up to you as member of the agency, the savior and superhero, to restore what once a great city.

The storyline eventually lets you to be the badass you have to be in the game. You must use your guns and maximize your abilities - especially your athletic ability, as it helps you leap from rooftop to rooftop. The real point of the game is to collect orbs so that you can be the greatest superhero. The orbs have different attributes as well; such as the driving skill orb where you can run over your enemies and unlock new cars. Collect as much as you can to have new weapons as well.

The gameplay of Crackdown 2 is for players who like to collect. The best available orb in the game is the ability orb. There are also hidden orbs that you need to find. Xbox live orbs are also around but can be found only in co-op mode. For those who love this type of platform or gameplay, tt can be very addictive.

Experience with playing Crackdown 1 can help you get through most of the challenges in this new game. Familiarity with the game is crucial; it make it easier to deal with Crackdown 2 even with the changes such as the orbs that upgrade your weapons, or the addition of some side quests and some big monsters with helicopters and tanks.

The maps are a little bit of a mess as you cannot identify yourself from the others. The game does not have waypoints and the directions given are a pain the ass. There’s a shortage of vehicles, although this can be easily remedied by a call to your friends that can give you a ride at once.

For those who have previously played its predecessor, the downside is still the same, despite the new additions. The storyline is still practically non-existent. The guns are not very accurate and quite difficult to use. You still have to contend with other irritants like the presence of useless things, awfully designed buildings that cause you to bump and hit excess parts of the building. But the mother of all annoying things is the missions which are just a copy cats from small designs.

The primary task is performing the same mission a whopping nine times over that can take its toll on you. They’re not even that complex, so you can die of boredom. What’s lacking in Crackdown 1 is still around in Crackdown 2. The graphics are still the same, an old player of Crackdown 1 can easily identify that it is the same place. The few additions to the place which were a sorry excuse for making a little difference is so hard to spot you almost couldn’t tell it’s there. Well, if it’s blatantly obvious, guess you could tell the difference. The worst parts are the textures, effects and details of the game. The frame rate stumbles and you get the feeling that the game was rushed and you have been short-changed.

Fortunately, the 16-player deathmatch game and the modes where everybody kills each other in the co-op game, save the game from total disaster. Rocket tag is also a little diversion that lets you kill a single target with the impression of hit or miss.

In general, the additions to the new installment, particularly the expansion to four-player co-op, are welcome. But that hardly counts when you’ve waited three years and expected so much more. Crackdown 2 really gives you the impression that it was rushed and uninspired; it certainly doesn’t have the feel of being a full sequel.