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The game begins with Jiminy Cricket who is a devoted imperial chronicler of adventures. As soon as he took his journals about Sora’s travel, he soon finds out that a message has been mysteriously added. Since the journal’s volume was almost entirely wiped out, innovative talents of two rodent wunderkinds named Chip and Dale are required in order to discover the data which believed to be instilled in the volume. But instead, they discovered various worlds overflowing with anomalies and data that are corrupted. In order to make everything clear, a digital version of Sora is created together with the trusty keyblade.

Even if there is automatic aim targeting to ensure that every swing of the keyblade is easy, you still need to watch your position and maintain your guard for more enemies. The special abilities integrated into your keyblade which can be accessed by constantly striking demons will enhance your ability to fight. An upgrade system called stat matrix is also present to equip you with chips so that your strength and health attributes will increase and at the same time unlock more powers.

On the other hand, Re: coded combines things with various kinds of game play. These include a platforming section that is side-scrolling, rail-shooting section and a battle action that is turn-based. Take note though that some of these might work well compared to others. The game flow is overwhelmed with tutorial lectures. The rest of the game, however are structured around a platform filled with convoluted spaces. Considering that the world’s data are anomalous, all the surroundings are filled with bug blocks which require attention. These blocks can at times be broken with the use of your keyblade so that valuable items can be found.

Re:coded used to be an episodic game intended for mobile phones and deceives its heritage with a story pacing that is slow and awkward. Time spent in any realm is used in debugging the data. Text in the dialogues are filled with static posed portraits although, there are several story sequences which are actually great. There is transparency in the personalities of every character with voice acting that is remarkable and noteworthy music as well.

When you are done with the game, more debugging challenges are to be encountered, more trophies to earn as well as the unrevealing of a secret that will lead the player to the next episode. Given the fact that Re: coded has an annoying pacing and camera, it still is able to hit high notes and boasts off the glimmers of the series.