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Nowadays, there is already a vast growing market for game creators to make a game out of a certain movie or film - from the likes of Lego Star Wars to Harry Potter video games. There are games that are just very disappointing; simply because the concept of the game is exactly the same as that of the movies. However, Avalanche Software smartly diverted from the traditional way of making films into video games.

Toy Story 3 is a blessing to the growing market of films turning into video games. It is an example of how to use a license right. The creators made it a point to ensure that the game is distinct from what the film is all about. They have successfully made a different story but have glimpses of what the movie is all about. They have added some features such as the Toy Box mode which makes the game more exciting and appealing.

The Toy box mode is the bedrock of this game. It is the reason why this game has been created. The basic story mode is still present and quite amusing but the Toy Box mode is really the centerpiece of success. The Toy Box mode provides a wonderful experience, offering an array of fun and enjoyment for kids and adults. This mode also presents the players with the chance to customize their environment such as making their own buildings and decorating some parts of the place. It is the kind of approach where you can still play the game using your vivid imagination even when you are not interested in the pursuing the quests.

Toy Story 3 is a quest oriented game. The quests under the Toy Box mode are simple but fun-filled. You get a different approach for every quest you encounter; the whole concept is to let you finish one but eventually leave you wanting more. The real purpose is to let you learn more and enjoy the process of the game. Beware, because it can be addictive. You are allowed select only one character: Woody, Buzz or Jessie. As the game unfolds you begin to appreciate the ability of your chosen character in dealing with others and their environment. You will then realize that the game really has its own story and it is not just patterned from the film as mentioned earlier.

The game is really suitable for kids; but adults can likewise play this game. The Toy Box cooperative aspect is marvelously constructed. It allows you to do many things simultaneously. You may also play it together with your kids or other members of the family. That way, your kids can decorate and arrange your preferred environment while you take care of the quests.

This is a very good example of an interactive game. Each player does not have to be at the same place all the time; after all the essence of the game is to be creative and just enjoy playing.

Toy Story 3 gives your children the kind of adventure they want in a video game and you, as a parent or adult, likewise get fascinated into playing because of the simple yet effective structure of the game. Absolute fun! That’s what it is.

Don’t you just wish all video game creators would make this game as the benchmark in creating video games from films? That would indeed be awesome!